Are you a creative artist looking for a challenge? Click here!


I’m searching for a very creative artist. Someone who would be willing to make me a cover and a few splashes.
Here’s the challenge: I don’t really know what I want on my cover, so that’s why I need a creative artist to help me come up with an idea. I’m very patient and I would love to work with someone who is too. I would like to see a few examples on your previous work to see if your style suites what I’m looking for. You will be credited in my story and get a shoutout on my Instagram page.
Feel like your up for the challenge? PM me and well have a chat. :blush:

Here is the link to my story if you want to check it out for some ideas or something:

I’ve requested for a cover a few times, but these people have been rude and then they just stop answering me and never make the covers… If you are going to be rude or just give up, don’t bother offering help.


I can

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You can go here or pm me

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I sent you a message. :blush: