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Hello, fellow Episodians! I’ve been thinking lately, and noticed that not many new authors or newly published stories are receiving any recognition whatsoever. I feel the need that we should start recognizing decent stories that are lacking an amount of reads, and leave the title and author and a own-worded description of what it’s about! Who’s with me?


Can I post my own story here? :slight_smile:

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I agree. I was thinking this the other day and I actually decided to take off all my recommendations from the shelf on the app and change it to only include stories under 5k reads (also partly because I ran out of space to recommend stories and I figured the ones with millions of reads don’t need my help anyway)


A very underrated story that I stumbled upon not too long ago is called “angels of New Orleans” and so far only three chapters,
“Bartender by day, bounty hunter by night, what will Seraph Thorne do when she encounters the elusive Pierce Delacroix? CC (16+)” by KyaKya
It only has 22 reads (uh-huh) and it’s the first story this author has published, I’d love to see it get the love and attention it deserves :slight_smile:


Recently I’ve only been trying to read stories that are underrated, I just wish we could have more recommend space.
Also I see you around everywhere :slight_smile:


Yes me too!!

:confounded: OMG I’m so embarrassed. My job irl is super boring so I find myself on the forums all the time, just inserting my opinions everywhere LOL


No need to be ashamed! It’s nice to see familiar faces throughout the community and I find myself agreeing with most of your opinions, also I followed you on the app and I’ll start going through the stories you’ve reccomended :smile:


Wow thanks! Can’t say I’m a new author though, but I guess a few of my stories are lacking in the reads department

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Yes agree

Yes! You can!

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Ooh, yes I will indeed check them out! Sounds great!

Oh my goodness, that is a great idea! BTW, love It’s A Twin Thing :slight_smile:

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I completely agree. I’m a new author as well, and I wish there were more ways to really put your story out there or promote stories by other authors who deserve the reads, too. So yes, I’m definitely with you on this.


Wtf you actually know my story?! :hushed:

And yeah, I was really proud of my shift towards underrated stories. Although I did have to knock off a few really good ones.


I agree! I feel like they should have a section for underrated stories and some that are newly published! That’d be amazing!

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Yes! I do! I have read it and it is saved to my favorites! It is great!

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I know there aren’t many ways, but I have some that I use when looking to support another new author and give them extra reads.

  1. I go to the new story page near the trending. (it’s not normally accurate, but it’s a way)
  2. I go to a genre I’m feeling like reading and scroll to the back of it to find non-popular stories.
  3. I search up a random letter and find a story with very little reads.
    I know these aren’t very good, but Episode should definitely add a feature for new authors and newly published stories.

Ooh, I can help!
What’s the story about?

Ahh, so you don’t know what it’s about?
How about this.
What genre do you want it to be?

Number 3 - I thought I was the only one who did this!