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I’ve tried all these things, too, and I agree with you—they’ve definitely got to add more ways to support new authors.

Perhaps something on the actual app itself would be great. Like you said, there’s that tiny section for the newly published stories in the trending section which features five new stories, but I doubt anyone even goes there. They should make a separate section, and try and add more stories in there.

Also, they had a ‘hidden gems’ section for their weekly topic thing. (Sorry, no idea what its called.) It would be nice if they could make that permanent, and perhaps feature stories read-wise (so say, you have a separate section for stories under 50 reads, 100 reads, 500 reads and so on.)


Haha nope, I do this too!


Nah, trust me, I’ve tried it too. :joy:



There is zero way for new authors to interact whatsoever except for the forums!
And usually, the Episode app is used a lot than forums, so advice on the Episode app itself would be great!


For a Romance… you can do something like…
Keeping the Ball in the League
Heart Theft
Cupid’s Mission
A Beauty Across Town
The Heartbreaker
Put U and I Together
If you don’t like any of those, I got more!
I’m a genius at story titles lol.


Awww haha! If you want more, I’ll think of more right now lol.


Yeah, totally!

I think we should gather a list of ways supporting our idea and create a suggestion post. I know that there’s already a major one which talks about a separate shelves for unpopular authors during contests, but that’s dealing with contests only. We should mention ways which can help new authors out in general.


The Beginner’s Impact
Journey Through the Odds
The Levels of Elements
The Dynamic Duo
One Secret Mission
Like a Bullet to the Flame

Life or Death
Heads or Tails
No Way Out
Internal Flames
The Hidden and the Weak
Tunnel of Glory
The Miracle of Misfortune

Again, if you want more, I can think of them lol!


I totally agree!


Ooh, that sounds good!
I’ll come up with a few more Romance Ones.


A Match Made in Heaven
I’ll Take the Risk for You
Two’s a Charm
Two to Tango
Lover’s Club
From Broken Hearts to Cutie Smarts

And many more lol.


Oh my, you’re like a storehouse of amazing titles.

Next time, I’m coming to you for help.


Like Stars in the Sky
Missing a Thing Called Love
Two Eyes for You
You Own My Heart
The Love Letters
Drunk on your Love
My Other Half
Kiss of Midnight
Friend Zoned

Oof and
Eyes Made of Diamonds


AWWW HAHA thank you so much! Yeah, I’m pretty good at those. It’s just a natural ability, I guess.


I am a new author with 367 reads as of today.
Story title- Retaliation
It is a revenge story of a girl that was killed by a political family.
Total episode- 10 (ongoing)


oof do I vote or let others vote LOL!


Ooh, I will definitely read it!
I will leave fanmail, too!


While you’re at it, I’d love if you could take a look at my story, too. It’s called ‘Fantastical: Silhouettes.’ Hope you’d be interested in giving it a shot. :smile:


omg i legit picked the wrong one shoot me i wasn’t paying attention oh no
just know i voted for two eyes for you


Obviously I will!
I’ll leave fanmail too!