Are you a small episode editor? Yes this includes video editors as well!) + Have an instagram? read below!


Hi guys, I also created a hashtag for small episode editors, I noticed that there’s so many underrated episode artists within the episode community so i’ve created a hashtag on instagram called #smallepisodeeditors so if you do VIDEO EDITS, EPISODE EDITS, Memes, etc then feel free to join the #smallepisodeeditor movement.

Pros of this movement:
1)Make friends who have the same interest as you!
2)if you have any questions in regards to editing, you’ll be able to comment under their post, or dm them) your questions!
3) You’ll be recognized!

If you are interested, again, all you have to do is use the hashtag -> #smallepisodeeditor under your post on instagram. :purple_heart:
Btw my instagram is brvnda.episode :purple_heart:


I noticed that you said you have a youtube channel! What is it called? I would love to check it out!!

(Ps: when you respond I will delete this as not to be off-topic)


Ooh thanks for creating this thread!!!


Yay! I think this is such a good idea! @lanafrazer_episode :grin: