Are you allowed to reference episode in your story?


In my thriller contest entry the whole plot is based around Episode as an app, it’s very fourth wall breaking. However I just submitted an overlay that had the episode logo in it and it got rejected because I referenced episode in image, so that got me thinking about if the rules actually allow me to reference episode as a company?
I’ve looked over the rules and they don’t mention anything about copyright outside of celebrities.
I’m slightly worried that I have to rewrite the entire plot of my story so soon before school starts!
Are you allowed to make rip offs that obviously reference a copyrighted thing? In one of my other stories I referenced doctor who but made it “doctor whomst”, and called Ikea “Yikesia” and nothing happened, but I’m not sure if that’s allowed? If it is I might just reference a made up company called “Epidose” or something


no. you can reference episode but the episode logo is COPYRIGHTED thats why it got rejected :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure it is allowed to reference Episode, I’ve seen this in many stories that were featured on weekly shelves.
I would avoid referencing other companies though or anything that is copyrighted, especially if you are working on a contest entry. Recently I had 2 rejected overlays: a “Noodle search” image and a very lame green mask, which I drew myself because I didn’t want it to be obvious it was a Hulk mask. Man, I’m still wondering how the reviewers recognized it, that drawing was horrible :smiley:


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I’m sorry. What?

Episode rejected your overlay because it has their company name and it’s copyright? It’s their company thooooo.

Oof. This reply came off as really sassy and rude. I didn’t mean it like that


Waaait a second. If it’s copyright, then does that mean they’d sue themselves for a story with their logo in it?


no :woman_facepalming: because the story belongs to the author not episode. plus a story with episode’s logo would never happen because they’d reject the overlay/background for copyright reasons


I don’t know though, there are laptops with the episode logo? Maybe just make a text overlay that says episode?


No I just replaced the apple logo with the episode logo so that I wouldn’t get copyright lmao, but I did anyway so shrug