Are you allowed to upload a knife as an overlay?

would it be rejected?

I’ve seen a bunch of stories use knives as overlays, but IDK if it’s allowed. Sorry, I’m not much help :upside_down_face: But, I was wondering the same thing.

I’m pretty sure that it would be approved, because in the prop section, there is already a knife so I don’t see why Episode would reject it.

i think it depends on who is reviewing the overlay (some people are stingier than others by that i mean sometimes i’ve seen you might get rejected the first time but if you re upload it the next time it gets approved :woman_shrugging: ) also all i know is you’re not allowed to have guns or knives on covers. its worth a try tho :slight_smile:

Yes, you are allowed.

Thanks everyone! I uploaded the prop as an overlay hopefully it gets approved!!:point_right:t2::point_left:t2: