Are you guys on break because of the coronavirus?

I’m interested to see how many people don’t have work/school, I’m a student and so far this is my second week off! I still have about 2 more weeks until I get back to school, and I have to do E-Learning. E-Learning is basically online school. Let me know!

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Well, my school is technically still open but loads of people are not coming including me.

I’m still at work because we are classified as an essential business. My co-worker and I have decided that we should cut back on our hours and stay home like the government is telling us to do; however, our boss makes the final decision.

Yup :pensive: hate it because my mom on my back even more

I’m not going back to school until at least April 20th. It’s driving me crazy I can’t do anything :persevere::confounded:

I have so much work to do per day. It’s crazy. They are assigning me packets on packets and I have like no time to do anything for fun!

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my school opens on April 20

I was in university, butttt not anymore :sweat_smile: obviously

I still got school, they’re not planning on closing mine

Yes and I have to do distance learning, I fucking hate it. It’s so overwhelming, it’s basically hw but it’s due in a certain time which sucks. I’m not sure how long we’re being quarantined tho.

I’m not going until at least MAY 2ND

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Schools are closed, and people have to dp school work from home. But since I’m currently doing an internship, it’s continuing normally.


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