Are you in need of a proofreader? Look here!

Heyy! It’s been a while haha. I took a small break, but I think I am ready to jump back in!!

If you are looking for someone to beta read or proof read your episode, I am here to help! I have proof read for 10+ people so I am experienced.

I prefer to read an actual script, but since I also read published stories, I am willing to read an actual story as well.

Please do not ask me to proofread just because you want reads!!

I know there are people who have asked me and I haven’t gotten to them yet. If you are one of these people please message me again!! :two_hearts:


Hey girl… I think I am going to need u really soon… Since my next chapter is almost ready :grin::heartbeat:

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I will be waiting! :two_hearts:

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I was gonna hit edit, but hit delete, sorry

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No worries haha! Proofread as in checking for grammar mistakes, checking if the story runs smoothly, ect!

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Hey! Do you proofread unpublished stories using the link?

If yes then I have three chapters done! Can you please proofread them?

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I do! You can send me a message here or on Instagram @epi_summer :two_hearts:

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Bump :two_hearts:

could you read threw episode 1 of my story (it’s not published yet) before I move onto episode 2 :heartpulse:

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Yes, of course! You can message me here or on instagram @epi_summer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: