Are you into 2 love interests or more? Check my list out!

HEYYAA, so im wondering if any readers like yall are looking for stories with atleast 2 or more love interests, im a drama freak and i like a story with a twist or lots of drama yeah i know im crazy rawr :joy: :joy: oh and here’s my list! (please put down yours that includes 2 or 3 love interests!!):

  1. Make You Mine by cpc. (Limelight, Full CC, New Features, Ongoing, RomCom.)
    It has two love interests!! Oh and the story, is hecking funny like i cant stop wheezing, so if you like a little laugh please also read this, its the best and my fav story so far :sob: it also has a way of making you feel flustered, and the MC is not the common shy-ish girl, the MC made me facepalm alot because she’s so embarrassing but she’ll be better soon i promise!! :joy: :joy:

Description: You are the hottest new girl in town and he is your only equal that knocks you off your feet! With this ultimate playboy brother around, will he be a trouble for you?

  1. Summer Fever by Lucas. (Limelight, Complete, FULL CC, Drama and Mystery.)
    It has two love interests! The story is completed, and it’s full of mysteries, the MC is well sophisticated but has a troubled past …and the more you get into the story the more you learn about it. The overlays are amazing too :sob: :sob: it got me hYPED. And check out the author’s other stories, its amazing!!

Description: Welcome to the most luxurious 5-star hotel ever! Your package includes sexy lovers, fancy parties, scandalous drama, and deadly secrets… Ready for a killer summer?

  1. Beyond the Stage by Andrea Elle. (Limelight, Complete(?), Drama, LGBT+, CC, Choices Matter.)
    it has… two love interests!! OMG Beyond The Stage is one of my favorites!! :sob: :sob: The story is so hecking great!! If you like stories that includes Hollywood, Fame, Love and Drama, this story is for you! oh and, choices here DO matter, pick carefully! There’s Minigames that will affect the story on how you play them. (TIP: Please do screenshot the instructions if you feel like there’s a minigame up ahead! it’s really tricky!!) The MC is really well-written (my opinion), the love interests have different personalities!

Description: Paparazzi, limos, temptation, and screaming fans. Fame – it’s a blessing and a curse. Can you handle it?

Your life changes forever when you join a girl group.

  1. Blood Lust, An Episode Original Story. (Fantasy and Romance, Complete, Choices Matter, Limelight, Full CC.)
    there is… two love interests!! OK, so, we’re talking about an Episode Original Story, that means there’s payed choices fghsxhgsh… :sob: :sob: its not my favorite stories but the story is good overall! oh and, it includes… A VAMPIRE LOVE INTEREST. :vampire:

Description: There’s a reason Cape Thorn locals don’t go out after dark…

  1. Through The Worlds by Ksenia. (Fantasy and Adventure, F/M MC, CHOICES MATTER, Ongoing, LGBT+, Art Scenes, Choose Gender of MC and 3rd LI.)
    it has 3 love interests, but the 2nd love interests is a female, the 1st are male and the 3rd is optional(?) …THIS STORY IS SOOO INTERESTING!! :sob: It’s a story where the MC accidentally broke something that would change the flow of time forever and now its time to move and fix it, but you have to travel to different dimensions! There’s a total of 8 worlds, and The overlays of this story is jaw-dropping :confounded:
    About the love interests, you can pick whether you want to have friendship points or romance points with them, and whatever your points on them matters to the story!
    lastly, CHOICES MATTER. I’m not even joking here, it really does matter, there’s minigames too.

Description: A grave mistake leaves you lost in time with two sexy companions. Magic, Fantasy, and Flirtation, how will your amazing adventure end?

  1. [ORIGINAL] THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS by Nightshifter (Limelight, Full CC, Choices Matter, Drama, Reality Show, Ongoing(???), Fame.)
    it has-- guess what? 4 LOVE INTERESTS!! OMG I’D DIE FOR THE BACHELORS- JOKE :joy: :joy: The story is amazing tho!! When i played this game, i was really amazed by the overlays. This is kinda one of my Top 15 Stories i recommend here because its really interesting, especially being a Reality Show Story! and i love it! it KINDAAA made me go head over heels of, eherm, one particular bachelor :flushed: ok ok im crazy rawr— but yes, please do read this story!!

Review: OK, so you might have already had this on your recommendations :joy: :joy:
I do recommend reading the Original Publish of TBB (THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS) instead of the Episode Publish of TBB. The Original brings more freedom to your choices and it’s amazing! I’d give the original a 10/10 and give the episode version a 4/10 (yeah… really low.)

P.S. I’m really confused whenever Original TBB will ever finish the story, i’ve been waiting for days, there’s no new episodes yet and it kinda makes me sad, but its a great story!!.. but it leaves you hanging… :’((

[ORIGINAL] Description: 7 SEXY billionaires, 7 broke girl & 10 weeks in a luxury mansion. You’re a contestant of this SEDUCTIVE reality show. Will you find love or just your new Black Card?

[EPISODE VERSION] Description: You’re a contestant of this STEAMY new reality show
starring 7 broke girls and 7 BILLIONAIRES. Once you get to the mansion, will you find love, or just fortune?

  1. Lost In New York by Nettie (Limelight, Minigames, Choices Matter, Choose M/F MC, LGBT+, Art Scenes, Adventure and Comedy.)
    it has two love interests!! Author’s Note: the story is recommended playing on phone!
    OH MY GOD, THIS STORY IS TOO FUN AND AMAZINGGGG :flushed: in the beginning of the episode, you can see our MC being sad and mopey because, well, scoff, her boyfriend left her, but she gets out of her shell and proceeds to go to her senior trip!! adventure awaits!! there’s also gonna be minigames (they’re timed.), You can also choose whether you will do a friendship or romance point with your love interests! and omg, the art scenes are bEAUTIFULLL!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!! Enjoy reading it! :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:


Description: A senior trip to the Big Apple leads you and your classmates on the wildest adventure of your lives. Will you all get along or become each others’ worst enemy?

Hiiiiyaaaa, its me, the person who is writing this list :pleading_face: im gonna rest for awhile and update this list sooner!! Please do enjoy reading these stories lads!! :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:


Hii, if there are LI in the story I like more then one. I also appreciate when yo can choose the gender of your LI.

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are these all in LL? but YESSS THEY SEEM SOO GOODDDDD TYY !!!

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Edit: I’m done updating lads but i can only add 2 on the list, ill add more soon! :pleading_face: :sneezing_face:

i see! Through The Worlds and Lost In New York makes you pick the gender of your LI :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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