Are you looking for a Coder/Director? I can do advanced coding

If anyone needs someone to code their story, I’m your girl. I’d be happy to help you code any story you want. I won’t mind coding for you. I love doing it and it’s fun for me. I could also help you with other things that you might need help with. Things like character customization, outfits, etc. I’m not super experienced but I have been doing thins for a while and I do know what I am doing. I can do advanced coding. Reply of you would like me to help you.


hi i am interested ?

I’m curious. What kind of coding? Branches? Past choices? Story paths? Multiple endings?

How would you be able to help? (just curious <3)

I’m very interested

I can do some of them. I am still learning more and more each day.

I can help you code things that you need coded. I can do character customization, and whatever you need me to do.

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Message me more information about what you want

I need basically my whole story coded but I don’t know if that’s possible im all new to this :sweat_smile:

I could help you with that. My insta is madness.writer.ep

r u on hangouts

can you please help me out???

Hi, I am writing a romance story and I am in serious need of a coding partner. I need help on all aspects of my story. So if you could reach out to me to help me out that would be great!

can you help me please?

Yes I am

I would love to be your partner

Sure I will help you

What is ur email