Are you looking for a coder, mayhaps?

I must first mention that I’m inexperienced at co-writing

I’ve been learning how to code for about a year or so. with a somewhat managed plot I decided to write a story. then I got bored of it and started writing this other story. then I got bored of that idea as well aaand after a few failed attempts, here I am with my hands itching to script lmao. I want to try something new so, hit me up if you’re struggling with scripting and I’ll try to assist you as best as I can.


I am a writer and can script very well but I can’t code
If you are interested in working with me
IG: @nayshi_episode

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I can script and code, but I’d say I’m better at coding. It’s what I enjoy doing the most. unfortunately I don’t use IG, maybe we could communicate via Discord!


Hi can u code my story’s chapter

Send me your discord I’d so I can message you


Hey can u code my stories I am really in a desperate need for a coder pls reply me if any one of u are interested

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I am good at writing and proofreading but not in coding.

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Wud u like to code for me?