Are you looking for a writing partner?


Hello there!

Are you looking for a writing partner? Because I am too.

I’m fairly new to Episode, I’m really good with directing, I’d like to say with writing too, and I have a couple of ideas I would like to do, but I feel like doing a story alone would be too much. I would be available basically at all times, and I would like someone who would be committed to our story.

So, if you’re interested… Leave me a message!

Hayley Rose


I’m not but I would be happy to help you with covers/splashes/overlays/etc. :wink:


That’s so nice of you! I’ll remember to think of you when I start writing.


Thanks that would be great!


I would love some help please


I’d love to help! :slight_smile:


Which style is it? Please tell me it’s limelight.