Are you ok with a story without cc or choices?


Hi, everyone. For my style of writing, I think it would be best for me not to use CC or choices in my stories, but I’m afraid that people won’t read because of it or think that I’m a lazy writer. I’ve seen people say they don’t like stories without choices. I don’t want to give anyone a bad impression. What do you think?

  • I am OK with stories without CC/Choices
  • I am not OK with stories without CC/Choices
  • Other (comment your choice)

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I’m okay with stories not having cc but I think there should be at least a few choices throughout the whole story.


My opinion, you’re the one who will spend countless hours on writing this story. If you don’t want to do CC then that’s your descision. And I don’t think it means your lazy if you don’t do choices. It is your story after all. Basically what I am trying to get at is make the story, a story you will love writing even when you don’t feel motivated to. :blush:


thank u… I am just so critical of my writing. I guess we all are.


I think it’s improtant to do whatever you think will make your story the way you invision it. I personally don’t give a rats arse if there’s CC, honestly I prefer reading it as the writer intended it to be. In my story I give the reader the option to characterise themself because I know a lot of people prefer that, but I have not and will not let them change any of the other characters. :sunglasses: How else would I be able to write socdescriptively if I havent a clue what the person’s gonna look like!

Do what you want to do, the way you want to do it. The best stories are always the ones where the writer is passionate and confident about their work! :clap:t2:


You’re welcome… In my opinion I could careless for choices because they give me major anxiety. And for one especially when a wrong choice is made.

For example stories like Loving Latino and Hunting Bad literally have no choices besides a couple dressing games. And no CC and they are literally one of the best stories out there.

So you do what you feel is best for you and your inspiration. :sparkles:


I don’t care if there isn’t CC or choices.

I actually prefer stories without CC - as a writer, I know that without using it the writer can give their characters real background information, appearance descriptions are much more detailed and they are just much more real, less generic. My story has full CC and a part of me deeply regrets it if I’m honest.

As for choices, if the story is well written and deeply captivating then I probably wouldn’t notice that there weren’t any choices. I do think not having any would be a turn off for some readers though as it’s part of the game that you are able to choose. Even pointless choices that have no affect are still welcomed by readers.

Do what you are comfortable with. Don’t force yourself to confine to standards set by other authors because everyone has their own way of writing and directing. Although having both CC and choices is an advantage when it comes to reads, it’s certainly not impossible to not have them.


I don’t mind if there is CC is or not. I’ll read stories either way.

With choices, I like to read stories where the choices matter, meaning it changes the outcome of the story. However, if the story has choices that don’t affect the overall story that’s okay, too, as long as the story itself is written well and has good directing.

If there are barely any choices, I will stop reading. I usually get bored with the story.


Meh, could care less about the CC. I’m here to read the story, not doll up my character. Sometimes original characters are important to the author. Now for the choices, I’ve read a story or two before that didn’t include choices and that didn’t stop me from reading (because I found the plot interesting). I think if the plot of your story is interesting then I don’t think people would mind that much.

Plus it’s your story, I think whatever we make there will always be atleast a few people who won’t be satisfied and that’s okay. You’ll find readers enjoy it too, so keep writing that story and get wild with it dude!


If your characters and plot are engaging enough, then lack of CC or choices isn’t a big deal. If you’d rather not use them, don’t.


I don’t care about CC and will read stories without them.

Choices though… I prefer choices and will be way more engaged and immersed in a story that feature choices. Especially choices that affect the story. But that’s just me and I’m a huge fan of RPG’s so that’s where that comes from. :blush:


I prefer using choice because it is an ‘interactive game’ the point is to interact with your reader, giving them choices of what the character decides to do is part of being interactive.


I think the cc doesn’t matter, because, the story should have a good character arc, and plot line, which is what matters. However, to follow this through, I also like to have choices as it come onto the the theme of life’s decisions, It’s just my opinion, but if you mean stupid choices, we don’t need those, but the really good life altering ones, I d like them. Just my opinion.


Character customisation doesn’t matter but a few choices throughtout the story is good if you want to keep readers :grin: I love making choices


CC definitely isn’t necessary. It’s not bad and I do like getting to customize my character, but it’s also good to see the author having a definite vision of what their characters look like and not deviating from it. And as long as the story is compelling on its own, I don’t think choices (at least, meaningful ones that make story branches) are totally needed. I do prefer it when choices matter, though, because they can make for interesting outcomes/other endings to the story.


I don’t mind if there’s no choices or CC. But, I think you can add choices like this to make the story more interactive –

                           VELMA (think)
                 (Hmm...I think this is the keypad.)

"Enter the code." {
@VELMA faces right AND VELMA is tinker_loop_rear 
@pause for a beat
&VELMA faces left 
@VELMA is admire
                          VELMA (talk_excited)
                           The door opened! 
                           VELMA (cheer_loop)
                            ZOO WEE MAMA!

I don’t know about the outfit/makeup choices. Its your call…


Personally, I am more than okay with no CC. There is some bias here as I have a story with no CC, however, I must say the overall story’s intrigue is what makes me enjoy the story rather than if there is CC or not.


I would be okay with stories without cc, but the problem is the characters are usually white/have lighter skin tones. If they were some stories with darker main characters, I would be fine. This is why I usually won’t read stories without cc, or with limited cc.


Ah here is a story with no CC but the characters are POC, Skai’s Stories by @Mystery.episode


Okay, bby :kissing_heart: