Are You On Wattpad?

This thread is not created for the purpose of sharing your Episode/Wattpad story/books. The mere purpose is to have an idea as of what percentage of Episode Users uses Wattpad as well.
Please don’t post your usernames and/or Wattpad book links in here.

I am not usually a formal-talk type of a person but stating the above was necessary to prevent the closing down of this thread.

Please inform me if I’m repeating a thread.

Okay, so on to the point. I’m just curious to know… How many of you use Wattpad? I usually find people here who write/read on Wattpad and do the same on Episode too. I was just curious and wanted to know.

As majority of us is feeling lazy, so to make things easy, here’s a poll:

  • I am on Wattpad, I read/write
  • What’s Wattpad? Episode is life

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Thank you for voting! This is not a typical poll so you can give your opinions.

LOL, I sound so formal. I am not usually so, haha xD


I’m on wattpad but I only have like 14 reads. And I only read Gilmore Girls fanfic.

I’m getting Wattpad, does that count? :joy:

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I’m a wattpad writer before :smiley: I got 14k reads but end up not finishing it due to real life situations, but now I’m re-writing it but this time I’ll finish it on Episode :smiley:

That’s a looong time!

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Haha you’ll eventually get more, but that does count. Or not?

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Dunno :smile: guess it does

Hope you finish your story :slight_smile:

Reads don’t really matter to me. They used to, alot until I read a story where a Author quit because she “was’nt getting enough reads”. So I vowed not to care about reads from then on.


I get you :wink: and that’s very wise and the right thing to do tbh :grin:

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: