Are you sporty?

I’m actually allergic to exercise and physical movements… so uh… nope.:joy::sweat_smile:

But trampolining sounds so cooool.

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i’m really good at this sport called uhmmm breathing but that’s about it


Omg Sameeeeeeee.


I love handball and i am the captain for the same for our school team…
I also take part in shotput and javeline

I like to play badminton…yeah, that’s it.
I like to watch other sports on TV, though.

i used to dance and swim but now I don’t do that anymore lol. i do work out though, idk if that’s really a sport.

I used to play Netball and I used to do sprinting. Now all my fat ass does is eat crisps and fast food. But I still do Dancing, if that counts as a sport

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