Are you still reading Ink stories or have you moved on to Limelight?


I read both INK and Limelight, INK will always be my favorite. I read more INK stories than Limelight because I don’t really have that much of a feel for Limelight. I asked this because I have some INK and Limelight stories in the making and I just wanted to see which style I should publish first…


Ink is my fav lol


INK, I’m not a fan of limelight I don’t even read them… That’s just me tho


To defend Limelight (lol I think most people on the Forums agree they like Ink better) I think it looks cleaner/more professional, which works better with more serious stories. I personally don’t care about style when I’m reading, unless it’s in Classic.


I still read Ink, but I also read limelight


I mainly read ink. The times when I read limelight are mostly read for reads or I’m reading a friend’s story. Limelight kind of creeps me out, they’re a little robotic looking


I agree! I feel LL fits better into the more serious genres like romance and drama because they’re animations can’t convey comedy and action like INK can.


I don’t read that much INK i mostly read LIMELIGHT


I read all styles, including Classic. As long as the story’s good, I don’t care about the art style. I still write in all styles as well, depending on what fits the story best.


I love Limelight, but I read an equal amount of Ink and LL stories. :slightly_smiling_face:


The style doesn’t matter to me as long as the story is good. If the story is trash, who cares what style it’s in? A bad story is a bad story. Lazy directing is lazy directing. But the style the author chooses to use has nothing to do with their ability as an author or the quality of their literary skills, so to be honest I really can’t understand the point of view of people who say, “omg, I will ONLY read THIS STYLE.”


I like ink stories but I’m not that type of person not to read a story because it’s limelight lol.


The style of a story doesn’t really effect which ones I read.

I like some styles more than others, but if the synopsis is interesting then the style is irrelevant tbh.


LL boys are ugly but I don’t mind reading LL but I think INK is nicer.


I’m still getting used to LimeLight still so I mostly read and prefer Ink right now.


I read both… it’s the story that matters to me, not the style. :slight_smile:


I prefer LL but I read both, as long as it’s good.


I love Limelight, Ink is just too 2D and LL allows more diversity. I still read ink but mainly LL.


I read both of them, really. For me it more depends on the storyline instead of the art style.


Ink will always be my favorite style. Limelight is okay, but it’s not like Ink. It’s hard to get adjusted to a new style when you’re so used to reading stories that has the same style that you know and love.