Are you struggling with a story?

Hey there! :heartpulse: :hibiscus:
I just wanted to ask, if anyone is struggling with a story and wants some help or opinions!
If yes, then this is the perfect thread for you! :sparkles:
Reply with literally anything you need help with or if you want some advice! I’ll be more than glad to help!! :pleading_face: :revolving_hearts: :sunny:
I’ll PM anyone who needs help since it says i reached the reply limit for my first day!


Hi! So, i am on a scene and i’m having writers block…
The MC didn’t do the washing that her mom had told her to do. Her mom is now angry and i need an argument to occur. I just cant think! :sparkling_heart:

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Im having trouble figuring out a plot

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i can help with this if you like!