Are You Stuck on Story Plots?

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:arrow_forward: Evil Genes
Your mother is the Evil Queen. Great for bringing on Career Day, right? “My mother is a murderous ruler swearing vengeance and a revenge to dominate the world ever since Snow White refused a bite of her apple.” She hates Snow White and Prince Charming, but when you end up falling for their son, Dean Charming, things get a bit tangled up.
Tags: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
:arrow_forward: The Power of Makeup
Sick of being ugly, Hanna Montez spends the entire summer break watching beauty videos on how to enhance her appearance and attract the attention of her crush, Bryan. Bad news…he only sees her on the outside for who she is, and you and your friend Katie work together to teach this guy a lesson.
Tags: Comedy
:arrow_forward: I’m With Stupid
Fein, the most handsome yet dumbest boy in school. You, incredibly smart yet kind of bland, doing nothing but studying. You’ve had a crush on him for years, and when your teacher pairs you up for tutoring, you realize this is the perfect moment to get for Fein.
Tags: Comedy, Romance
:arrow_forward: Agent by Accident
You’re the most wanted robber in the city, but when an FBI agent on a mission mistakes you for a friend, you’re forced to act in the biggest drama of your life in order to escape prison life.
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy
:arrow_forward: The Show Must Go On
You’re participating in the school’s threatre play as the lead female actress, but when everything acted out starts forming in real life, you run into zombies, fairies and manipulative gorillas, but for the show to end, you must reach The End.

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