Are You The One? Season 3 - Sign-Ups


Welcome to season three of Are You The One, a reality show in which twenty-four competitors will face off in hopes of finding love and winning the million dollar prize. Each competitor will have a perfect match, but they do not know who it is.

In this roleplay, each week will be three RP days.
During the first day, there will be a competition and there will be two winners. The winners will be able to choose who they want to take on a date. After the competition, all of the contestants will socialize in the house.
During the second day, the date will take place and the other contestants will socialize in the house. The rest of the contestants will also choose which couple on the date they want to send into the truth booth, which will reveal if the couple is a perfect match or not. The chosen couple will then get in the booth when they get back from their date, and if they are a perfect match they will spend one last night with the other contestants before going off to a romantic hotel. If they are not a perfect match, they will have to try to move on to continue on in the search of their perfect match.
During the third day, the contestants will socialize and get ready for the match ceremony at night. Each week either the girls or guys will have their pick of who they want to sit with at the ceremony. There will then be twelve lights and every light represents a perfect match. The number of lights that are lit is how many perfect matches are sitting together at the ceremony.
The goal of the game is that by the end of ten weeks all twelve lights will be on. If they are, the million dollar prize will split in between all the contestants, if they are not, they will walk away with nothing.

-You must create one male and one female character. (Do not create two characters of the same gender or more than two characters)
-All characters must be heterosexual in order for this to work or it could get too complicated. (Sorry!)
-All faceclaims must be of real people! (No drawings/animations and obviously only humans)
-You must be active, seriously if you are not going to be active, don’t join!
-If you are not active for longer than a week without letting me know beforehand, your characters will be put up for adoption!
-Once your character has found their perfect match in the truth booth and goes to the hotel, they will only be playable at the light ceremony.
-Sex is allowed (In the show there’s actually a room called the boom boom room which will be in the roleplay), but obviously no graphic details!
-Reserve before making your characters to get a spot!
-There will only be twenty-four characters, so that means only twelve roleplayers and I’m one of them. If all the spaces are filled and you want to be a part of this roleplay, reserve anyway because you’ll be next in line in case someone never turns in a form, drops out, or goes inactive!
-DO NOT share details about your characters to anybody else. The only thing you’re allowed to share is what they look like, their name, and their age. Do not share their personality or biography or interests or what they’re looking for in a person. The reason for this is that then it might be easier to determine who is a perfect match which ruins the whole point of the roleplay. The purpose is to discover what the other characters are like yourself instead of being told.
-When you roleplay, please try to stay with what you wrote and don’t change your characters’ personalities because if you do, their perfect match won’t be as compatible with them. If you need your character’s personality or bio or something, you can PM me and I’ll send it to you.

Sign-ups: Click here!
Faceclaims: Click here!

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Tagging those who were interested!


Reserve. :smiley_cat:


Ella asked me to reserve her a spot, so that’s why the spots left number is lower!




Reserve please.


Reserve please!


I’m not really comfortable with sexual stuff or intense make out scenes… Is it okay if in the “boom boom room” I only do a fade to black?



But I’m doing sign ups right now.




Yeah, totally! You don’t even have to make your characters go into the boom boom room or do anything you don’t want them to do! It’s just for some users that might want to or characters that might have personalities that might make them want to do sexual things.


@kitty4322 Do we do a separate sign up for each of the two characters? And also, could you please explain in more detail how this whole thing works? Thanks!!


Am I too late or can I still reserve?


Can i still join?


Reserve! And what does it mean by Family? Like what their family is like, and what do we need to include in it?


I think it means what who family members are and how close they are but I’m not completely sure…


Yeah that’s all i put anyways.


Yes, you do a separate sign-up for both characters. And sure! I’ll have the explanation above and another explanation about how everything works in the official thread!


No, you aren’t too late, you can still reserve! I’ll just say you reserved because there aren’t many spots left.


Yaay, thanks! ^-^


Yeah, do you want to? I’ll reserve a spot for you now and when you see this tell me if you still want that spot or not.