Are You The One? - Season Eight - Official Thread

Welcome to season eight of Are You The One, a reality show in which twenty-six competitors will compete in hopes of finding love and winning a million-dollar prize. All competitors will have a perfect match, but they will not know who it is, as their goal is to find their perfect match. This season takes place in Cape Town.

In this roleplay, each week will be three RP days. Each RP day will equal two days in real life. (Although I may change this if the RP moves very slowly or quickly)

During the first day, there will be a competition and there will be two (sometimes three and maybe only one) winners. The winners will be able to choose who they want to take on a date unless it’s one of the weeks where someone else chooses for them. (I am not sure if I will be doing that this season or not though) After the competition, all of the contestants will socialize in the house.

During the second day, the date will take place and the other contestants will socialize in the house. The rest of the contestants will also choose which couple on the date they want to send into the truth booth, which will reveal if the couple is a perfect match or not. The chosen couple will then get in the booth when they get back from their date and if they are a perfect match they will spend one last night with the other contestants before going off to the honeymoon suite. If they are not a perfect match, they will have to try to move on to continue on in the search of their perfect match.

During the third day, the contestants will socialize and get ready for the match ceremony at night. Each week either the girls or guys will have their pick of who they want to sit with at the ceremony. There will then be thirteen lights and every light represents a perfect match. The number of lights that are lit is how many perfect matches are sitting together at the ceremony.

There may be other events that take place during the days, such as parties and additional challenges.

The goal of the game is that by the end of thirteen weeks all thirteen lights will be on. If they are, the million-dollar prize will split in between all the contestants. If they are not, they will walk away with nothing.

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-Write at least 5-6 sentences per character!
-If your character is approachable, make them approach another approachable character, don’t just wait for some to approach your character or just post that they’re approachable if you know others are too!
-You must be active! (Please have about a conversation (at least five posts on your part in response to the same character) per character a day!)
-If you have multiple characters, do not neglect some of them and only focus on certain characters!
-Make sure to keep the roleplay dramatic, so add drama!
-If you are not active for longer than two days without letting me know beforehand, your characters may be put up for adoption! Your character can also be put up for adoption if I decide that you are not active enough! I will most likely be doing a warning system this season.
-Let me know if you are going away! (PM me or let me know in the sign-up/chat thread)
-No contact with the outside world is allowed. (Unless permitted by Terrence, the host, but you’d have to ask me first)
-No electronic devices are allowed unless they are already in the house like the TV, but there is nothing on the TV for the characters to watch.
-No books, music, animals, or most things from the outside world are allowed. (ask me if you are unsure if something would be allowed in the house)
-Characters may not leave the area of the house unless they have permission. (From me. For challenges, dates, etc)
-Once your character has found their perfect match in the truth booth and goes to the hotel, they will only be playable at the light ceremony.
-Sex is allowed (In the show there’s actually a room called the boom boom room which is in the roleplay), but obviously no graphic details! After clothes are off, either you take it to a PM or just time skip!
-Blur curse words!
-DO NOT share details about your characters with anybody else. The only thing you’re allowed to share is whatever is on the faceclaims. Do not share their personality or biography or interests or what they’re looking for in a person. The reason for this is that then it might be easier to determine who is a perfect match which ruins the whole point of the roleplay. The purpose is to discover what the other characters are like yourself instead of being told.
-When you roleplay, please try to stay with what you wrote and don’t change your characters’ personalities because if you do, their perfect match won’t be as compatible with them. If you need your character’s personality or bio or something, you can PM @Littlefeets, the matchmaker!
Do not tell me any information about your characters though. If you need anything else that doesn’t have to do with your characters’ personalities or the matches, PM me.
-If you are not writing in character, write OOC (Out of Character) or ORP. (Out of Roleplay) Blurring the OOCs is preferable. Try to avoid writing out of character and just type whatever you want to say in the sign-up thread/chat. I’m the only one that can break this rule.
-Do not advertise your own RPs/SGs/any of that on here or the sign-up thread!

If those rules are broken, some will make your character go up for adoption immediately, others will give you a warning or two before your character goes up for adoption!

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OOC: I will be announcing the weather every day during the RP! It is sunny with a high of 75 and a low of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a slight breeze at times.

Also, everyone should read the rules before they post! I also may add some more rules later today since I didn’t have much time to create this thread in the morning. (I had to create it beforehand because I have drama practice now)



The woman doing my makeup gave some men a thumbs up before they gestured over for me to follow them. I wasn’t sure why they needed someone to do my makeup, but I didn’t care much. Hopefully, I wouldn’t need to get my makeup done every time before I was filmed or something. That would be annoying. I got up and followed the men, looking around as I followed them out of a door. The men then led me to a jeep, where I got in the backseat while the men put my suitcase in the trunk. After the suitcase was in, the jeep took off. I rolled down the windows and stuck my head out of the window like a dog, not caring if my hair would get messed up. We finally arrived at the house and I grinned as I hurriedly got out of the car and grabbed my suitcase. Once I reached the door, which was unlocked, I opened it, took a step into the house, and looked around.

“Kaira’s here, bitchesss!” I exclaimed, slurring the end of my sentence. I wasn’t drunk or anything, this is just how I normally acted. I then turned toward the cameramen and put both of my middle fingers up while sticking my tongue out. “This is so hype.” I turned back to face the staircase and immediately noticed the music. The music sounded distant like it was playing from somewhere far away but was playing loudly. I grinned once I remembered that we were having a party, then picked up my suitcase and ran up the stairs as fast as I could while holding my suitcase which was mostly packed with clothes. Once I got to the first floor I took a break to catch my breath and looked at one of the cameramen. “Duude, this is so cool.” I then looked to my sides and noticed that the bedroom wasn’t on this floor. “Damn, are they trying to kill us?” I laughed. I wasn’t the most physically fit person although I wasn’t too out of shape either. Going up the stairs with my suitcase definitely did make me tired though. I looked back up the staircase and ran up the next set of stairs, seeing the bedroom once I reached that floor. Here we go. I grinned, then ran to the bedroom. I noticed that all the beds were for two people and that each bed had two names above it. Eventually, I noticed my name, so I placed my suitcase right next to my side of the bed. I’ll unpack later. I looked at the name next to mine and raised my eyebrows slightly. Colby, I wonder who they are. I shrugged it off, then walked out of the room and walked around the house until I found my way outside, where the music grew louder.

Once I was outside, I looked around in awe at the place. I then quickly noticed that there was only one other person here and that person was the host of the show. I hurried over to the host and was immediately hugged.


I immediately grinned once I noticed a girl walk out, the camera crew following her. Once she reached me, I brought her in for a hug. “Oh my god, hi! I swear, I’ve been waiting here for an hour, it’s great to finally meet someone!” I’ve been a fan of this show since season one and although I had applied to be a contestant on the show for several seasons and would still like to be a contestant, it was really a dream come true that I was on the show at all and as a host. Anyway, since I’m the host I can stay for several seasons. I was brought out of my thoughts once the girl pulled away from the hug. “Oh yeah, I’m Mirabelle, by the way. I’m your host for this season! You’re Kaira, right? You’re so pretty!”


“Oh my god, hi! I swear, I’ve been waiting here for an hour, it’s great to finally meet someone!” I chuckled, then pulled away once the hug lingered for some more time. “It’s great to meet you too, honestly, this whole experience is exciting.” I grinned. “You’re Kaira, right? You’re so pretty!” My grin grew. “Honestly, we’re both hot bitches and if you were also a contestant, we’d both be getting laid tonight. Anyway, this is a party so let’s fuck this shit upp!”


I looked in the mirror as someone fixed my hair. What if nobody is attracted to me? Do I even look okay? I looked over to see some men walk in. My hairstylist then nodded and the men who had just walked in told me to follow them. Fuck. Here we go. I got up from my chair, then looked at my hairstylist. “You did a great job although I would’ve still looked amazing even if you did a shitty job. You somehow made me look even better. I didn’t know that was possible with my already godly looks.” The hairstylist gave me some sort of reaction but I shrugged it off and walked away, following the two men. I was led outside to a Jeep where my suitcase was put inside the trunk while I got in the backseat and buckled my seatbelt. I lowered the window closest to me and rested my arm where the window previously was. As the car whizzed past the trees and all the nature on the road, I wondered if there would be anyone else at the house or if I would be the first one. Part of me wanted to be the first, but I also wanted people to be there when I arrived.

After about five minutes, I arrived at the house. I took a deep breath, then stepped out of the car, immediately putting on a grin as I did so. The cameramen were filming me so from this point on, any footage of me could be on the show. Therefore, I needed to look like I had my shit together. I took my suitcase out of the trunk and then walked to the door. After I stepped in and looked around, I began heading upstairs, trying to find the bedroom which I was told to find first before going outside. After a few minutes, I found the bedroom and headed inside. Oh, there are names above the beds so I guess we’re sleeping in the same bed as whoever we’re assigned to. I eventually found my name next to another name, Cora, and I placed my suitcase by my side. Before going outside, I walked over to the mirror and made sure I looked as good as possible. Not great, but I have to head out now. I looked away, then made my way outside.

Once I stepped outside, I noticed two women. One had blue-grey hair and was very short while the other had tan skin, blonde hair, and an amazing body. Just my type. As I started walking over to where the two women were, they noticed me. The short one put her hands around her mouth and started screaming. “Woooo!” Meanwhile, the blonde ran over to me with a grin on her face and hugged me. I was taken aback by this; I wasn’t that used to getting hugs. Regardless, I hugged her back for a few moments, before pulling away with a small smile on my face. “I wasn’t expecting that but you just made my day. I mean, how could a face like that not make a man smile?”


As I was talking with Kaira, I noticed a guy come out and start walking closer to us. I nudged Kaira and we both turned to look at him. Kaira starting shouting and I decided to run over to the guy and hug him. Sometimes I was a little too friendly. Once the guy pulled away from the hug and made a comment, I chuckled. “Wow, you’re quite the charmer, aren’t you? I’m Mirabelle Lienau, I’m your host! You’re Lucius, right? Weren’t you Matt on that Disney show, Superside? That show was my childhood.” I gushed, then studied his features for a moment. He was pretty attractive, he definitely looked different than I remembered. “You’re making me wish I was a contestant on this show.” I told him with a giggle.


I raised my eyebrows slightly only she made a comment that was a little flirtatious. It was disappointing that she wasn’t one of the contestants, but I wasn’t too upset about it since I knew that my match would arrive sometime soon. “Yeah, I’m Lucius and yes, I was Matt on Superside. If you want an autograph, just ask. It’s not everyday that you get to meet someone as amazing as me.” I chuckled, then cupped her cheek. “Just because you aren’t a contestant doesn’t mean I can’t do this.” I whispered into her ear, then pulled away. I didn’t care that the other girl might be watching because she probably wasn’t my match anyway.


As my makeup artist worked on my eyeshadow, we conversed and I told a few jokes. “Alright, I wish we could talk for longer but I’m done with your makeup now and I think it’s time for you to go to the house.” The woman looked over at the men who were standing near us. “Good luck with everything!” I smiled, then got up and nodded. “Thanks, Ami! We so have to talk after this show, assuming I don’t die now from nervousness.” I chuckled. I was pretty nervous about this whole experience. The whole thought of opening my heart to love somebody again was a bit scary. I forced a smile and waved goodbye to Ami, then followed the two men who led me to a jeep. I got in the backseat of the car while they placed my suitcase in the trunk. Once it was in the car, we took off.

I put my seatbelt on, then looked down at my nails which were natural although they were pretty long. My nails were painted light purple and had some small flowers drawn on them. I then looked back up and looked out of the window. South Africa really is beautiful, it’s a shame that I’ve never quite had the money to travel. My eyes then darted around before they settled on my left arm. I began tracing some of my tattoos with my fingernail, something I did sometimes when I was nervous. After what felt like an eternity, we finally arrived at the house. I sat there for a few moments before the woman in the passenger seat told me that I had to get out because they were on a tight schedule. I took a deep breath and nodded to myself. I’m ready for this. With that, I stepped out of the jeep and took my suitcase out of the trunk. I closed the trunk and walked over to the entrance, immediately noticing some cameramen. I grabbed the handle on the door and stood there for a moment, before taking another deep breath, looking at a camera, smiling, then opening the door. I walked inside, then walked up the stairs in search of the bedroom. Eventually I found it, so I looked around to see where I could place my suitcase. I noticed that there were words above each bed so I concentrated on trying to read them, unsure if we were assigned to a bed or not. After a bit of time, I sighed and gave up, not being able to read any of the words. Screw it, let’s hope those words were meaningless. I placed my suitcase by some bed (OOC: She placed it by Erick’s side of the bed) and then headed out, eventually finding the exit to go outside.

The music that I had heard earlier suddenly became louder as I stepped outside. I noticed a guy and a girl who were standing pretty close together. It looks like he’s kissing her, I bet he’s a womanizer. The blonde girl who was standing pretty close to the guy suddenly stepped away and jogged toward me once a girl with blue hair began cheering.


I felt my face heat up once Lucius got very close to me. Once I heard Kaira cheer, I quickly looked over and noticed another girl. I turned away from Lucius, deciding not to do anything, and jogged toward the new girl. As tempting as the situation with Lucius might have been, I didn’t want to lose my job. Anyway, I wanted to meet this new girl. “Hey, I’m Mirabelle, I’m the new host this season! You’re Cosimia, right?” I wasn’t a hundred percent sure on people’s names if they hadn’t told me it because I was supposed to memorize people’s names but I never got them down completely. I then gave her a quick hug, pulling away after a bit.


Mirabelle introduced herself as the new host and asked if my name was Cosimia. I nodded and chuckled once she hugged me. I returned the hug, then pulled away once I felt her pulling away. “Yeah, I’m Cosimia, the one and only.” I told her in a joking manner, then chuckled softly. “It’s nice to meet you though! I like your dress, by the way.” I told her with a smile, then motioned over to where the kitchen was. “I’m going to go grab a drink.” With that, I walked off toward the kitchen.

OOC: My characters are all approachable! Cosimia is finding a drink at the kitchen, Lucius is waiting for more people to arrive and he’s on one of the daybeds, Kaira is drinking something and sitting on one of the beds by the pool, Mirabelle is just standing near the entrance.

Kaira’s outfit

She has the nose to ear thing on.

Lucius’s outfit

Cosimia’s outfit

Mirabelle’s outfit


Daphne Sideris

After getting her makeup and driving to the place, Daphne stood in front of the house with an adventurous smirk on her face.
She was already used to being in the spotlight, cameras, modeling, but a reality show? That’s something new.
New, and fucking exciting.
Daphne was confident in her choice of coming here, even if finding love won’t work, it’s still an experience she probably won’t get again.
“Daphne?” She was caught surprised and she heard a girl voice call her name. She looked at the girl, she was blonde and was wearing a bomb ass dress “Hey, I’m Mirabelle, I’m the new host this season! You’re Daphne, right?” The girl started “Yes yes that’s me, I was just surprised a bit” she chuckled and walked towards the house, “the host huh?” She asked “That means I’ll see you around here often” she said with a small smile “you’re cute” she added with a smirk and walked in “see you later Mirabelle” she chuckled
She went to the bedroom and smirked at the other blonde girl that smiled at her.
She went in, putting down her bags by some bed, and went out to the main zones.
She walked around the house with confidence, seeing a bar she headed straight there to grab a drink.
She poured herself a drink and looked around playing with the glass, there were many people, some more attractive some… less.
She went back to the room for a second to put her sunglasses in the bag , headed back outside
Approachable outside

Nathan Anderson

Nathan skipped the whole makeup process, he knew guys on tv also had makeup but he didn’t really like that idea when it comes to his own skin.
After the ride he entered the house “Hey, I’m Mirabelle, I’m the new host this season!" The girl in the entrance said “Nathan” he said with a smile and shook her hand walking inside. He put his stuff in the room, surprisingly he wasn’t nervous, at all.
Life is too short to be scared he told himself.
He looked for his bed and realized he was paired with a girl named Shea.
“Shea” he mumbled to himself trying to remember the name in case he meets her later today.
Nathan nodded to himself and sat on the bed looking around him, this is the start of an adventure isn’t it?
He laid back on the bed for a moment, taking a few deep breaths and getting used to his surroundings, even though he was already rather calm, only adrenaline was fueling him at that moment.
Approachable in the room

@CallMeRebeka shea mentioned


Olivia Rose :hearts:

Slowly, Olivia took in the house that she would be sharing for the next 12 weeks and it was a sight for sore eyes. The sun was shining and her eyes glistened in the light. This was her chance at romantic redemption considering how her last relationship panned out. Prior to this, it took 2 hours for Liv to get ready. Outfits are hard to pick out, okay. Her hair was dead-straight (her signature look) and she was feeling herself. I know I look good honeybooboo.
Olivia wasn’t necessarily nervous, moreover excited. She was ecstatic to sit on those beanbags. First thing on the to-do list. Obviously, talking and getting to know people was necessary, but so is comfort. Hate not welcome. She took her bag out from the car and saw a girl. She had blonde hair and was drop dead gorgeous. Dayummm girl. Isn’t she the host? She walked up to her.
“Hey!” Olivia said with a small smile as she stood confidently. This is going to be one hell of a experience.
After small conversation, Olivia made her way about the house, looking around.
APPROACHABLE. legit anywhere

Outfit + FC



Ryder Rodden

This whole day has been a bit overwhelming, he expected someone would pick them up and they would go to the house but instead there was a whole team making sure they were ready for the show. Of course he couldn’t see anyone but all the girls were having their makeup done which he thought was a bit too much but they will be on the tv after all. It was a nice gesture and it wasn’t necessary annoying but he could’ve done everything by himself. It’s not like he doesn’t spend at least 10 minutes every morning making sure his hairs looks perfect. Those were the thoughts running trough his mind when he left and got into the jeep waiting for him, but as soon as it stopped in front of the house he got out with a soft smile on his face waiting for the driver to get him his suitcase.
Quickly fixing his jacket and some rings he had on, like he always does, he let his hand fall down on the handle of his suitcase and slowly started walking towards the house, with his other hand casually placed in his pants pocket. This was something he never thought he would do - it’s certainly something that isn’t in his comfort zone and his father wouldn’t let him miss work but somehow him coming here became a joke in his family and his father didn’t mind it because now he has something to tease him about so here he is, walking towards the house where he would meet his alleged perfect match. The house was huge and looked really interesting but it’s not something that made him excited about this experience since he has seen many beautiful places before. Was he excited about it though? Maybe; it was his decision to come here so he should be but there is no guarantee that it will somehow make him fall for his match. One can only hope for the best.

As soon as he stepped inside he could hear some music coming from outside making this whole situation more real. They’ve been told to find the bedroom first before they go anywhere else so that’s what he did. It wasn’t difficult to find the bedroom, as much as the house seemed difficult and he couldn’t help but notice another name next to his above the bed. So I’m sharing a bed with Olivia? With a chuckle before he left his suitcase next to the bed and finally went outside.

Stepping out he didn’t expect a girl would be waiting, a really pretty girl for that matter. Guess they changed the host. He though as he made his way towards her with a soft smile on his face. “Finally one more contestant!” He heard the girl exclaim making him chuckle a bit as he put his hand out to greet her but instead she hugged him, before continuing. “I’m Mirabelle, your host for this season.” She pointed out with such an excitement. “You must be Ryder?”
“That’s me.” He nodded with a warm smile, putting his hands back in his pockets, quickly looking around before meeting her eyes once again. When he finished the conversation with her he went to grab a drink before talking to someone.

Shea Smith

To be completely honest, she enjoyed getting her makeup and hair done, it wasn’t something they’ll do again but she sure wouldn’t mind getting help once in a while. She’s too excited for this show to start so she’d probably have hard time getting ready for it all by herself knowing the day has come. The girl doing her makeup was an angel, as Shea taught, keeping a conversation with her was easy as well as the driver she met next. Rolling down the window so she could see better and let some air in she smiled looking at the nature around her. It felt good to be somewhere else for a bit and she hoped she would get a lot more opportunities to explore the nature of this place, Cape Town sure was on her list of places to visit one day so this was basically killing two birds with one stone. As awful as that sentence sounds. As soon as they arrived she got out of the jeep thanking the man for getting her suitcase out with a wide smile and slowly started walking toward the house.

For a moment there she felt completely overwhelmed. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. It was her and something she really wanted to do and thought she should do but now, standing in front of this huge house didn’t seem that great. There is no way of backing out now so she might as well do her best. Opening the door that was unlocked she stepped inside and looked around for a moment before continuing, searching for the bedroom they were told to find first. It wasn’t difficult to find it but the house did seem difficult to figure out, she’ll probably have some hard time at first. Putting her suitcase next to her bed she looked around at all the cards above the beds, trying to remember as many names as she could, figuring she’ll sleep in bed with Nathan. There were some unique names and some she couldn’t pronounce no matter how hard she tried, but she had a feeling this would all turn out good eventually.
Quickly fixing her dress she finally headed out, following the music, nervous to see who would be there. She hoped she would make some friends first, that was her first goal before getting really close with anyone, if that was even possible here. Right away she was greeted by this, in her opinion, bubbly girl that she like right away. You don’t meet many positive people like her these days. “Hi.” The host said with a wide, friendly smile before pulling her in for a hug. “I’m Mirabelle, your new host and you must be Shea?” She said with such an excitement in her voice making Shea feel a lot more better about this whole situation. After she talked with Mirabelle she took some time to look around this outdoor area sine she’ll spend all her time here.

Missie Leighton

Wearing designer clothes for an appearance on a show might not be the brightest way to begin the journey but it’s the only way she knows. She was excited that they got to have a little “makeover” right before going to the house, it’s not like she needs it, she can do this all by herself but it is always nice to have other people help you. It did calm her down a bit because that scene was familiar to her, something she often does. Makeup is not that important to her, all she really cares about is having some nice nude lipstick and big eyelashes and she is ready to go. With her hair in two braids she fixed her Penelope corset and Givenchy boots before making her way out to the jeep that’s supposed to take her to the house.
She was trying so hard to tell herself how she is just going to some show and how this isn’t a big deal when in fact she is going to this house where her match is and she is supposed to spend a lot of time with strangers.

This was her idea, no one made her do this or thought she should try something like this. She wants this, she really just wants to find that perfect match of hers and she is excited that she got the chance to actually do it. Once she arrived she got out of the car and politely thanked the man with a soft smile, taking her not so little suitcase. Was it too much that she matched her outfit with it? It probably is, but she has to keep that stylish image of herself and enter this thing with some pride. Opening the door and walking in she expected that people would just be there but so far she didn’t see anyone, all she could here is some music coming from outside. It was strange for a moment but she could obviously tell that they want everyone to go outside right away, and she did that right after checking out the bedroom and leaving her suitcase.

She didn’t know what to expect, she does have a type and it would be disappointed if there isn’t this perfect guy she imagined in her head but she stepped out with her head held high and a warm smile on her face not expecting to be greeted by a woman. So they changed the host? She didn’t mind that, this girl seemed really sweet and there was this certain positivity surrounding her that she really liked. Not bad. Before approaching her she quickly glanced at people that were already there but didn’t really have time to properly look at them as she brought her in for a warm hug. Things like this sure make you feel better, they did a good job by picking her for a new host. “I’m Mirabelle! I’m your host for this season. You must be Missie?” Missie heard her say, pulling her out of her thoughts and making her smile. “Nice to meet you Mirabelle and yes, that’s me.” She said in a calm yet friendly way, making it sound like she was excites as much as Mirabelle was, because honestly she was. She could see that some people were already here and she couldn’t wait to meet them. Once she finished introducing herself to the host she went straight to the kitchen to get a drink.

All approachable

Ryder’s outfit

Shea’s outfit

Missie’s outfit and fc


Spencer Grayson

I sat in the chair thinking as a hairstylist on the crew fixed my hair. How did my parents and Aaron agree that this would be a good idea? I was still unsure about this whole thing. I hadn’t even gotten a chance to have a drink yet with the crew finalizing and preparing for the show. At least if I got nothing else out of this experience, I had gotten a chance to see someplace new, and learn some of the South Africa’s lore. When it was finally time it go to the house, my suitcase was taken and placed in the trunk of the Jeep I was directed towards. Once there, I took my suitcase up to the bedroom and placed it by my side of a bed labeled for two people. Sharing a bed. That’ll be fun. I rolled my eyes before walking out to where the music I heard when I first arrived was coming from. As soon as I stepped out there an excited blonde ran up to me and introduced herself as the host Mirabelle. She was a little to excited for me being sober. “Yeah I’m Spencer, where can a guy get a drink around here?” As soon as she answered, I began walking away to get a drink. This was going to be a long night.

ORP: Approachable

Cora Baker

I sat back in the chair as a hairstylist straightened my hair while the makeup person finished with me. As soon as they had me all prepped a couple of men came to put my suitcase in the trunk of the Jeep outside. “Thanks girls, now it’s time to go after the real challenge.” Standing up I walked out to climb into the Jeep, and soon after I was walking into the house with my bag. When I got to the bedroom and placed my bag by my bed, I saw that each one was for two people and I couldn’t hide a smirk. I was very curious to know who my bedmate was. Then I had to walk out to where I could hear music playing. Before noticing the blonde new host of the show leave a dark haired guy and come towards me, or even the party set up, my eyes locked on the pool. “Hell yeah. That pool looks awesome.” Almost immediately the peppy, overly optimistic girl introduced herself as Mirabelle. I could handle optimism, but someone too overly optimistic just gets on my nerves. I spoke with her for just a minute before walking in the direction of the other contestants that had arrived where I saw a girl with bold hair and a very interesting outfit. I may be the bold one out of Carly and I, but I wasn’t that bold. I walked over closer and looked her over. “Neat hair. I’m Cora, what’s your name?”


@kitty4322 - Kaira


Wyatt Carter

Please don’t be awkward. Please don’t be awkward. In crowds of people, it takes a while for Wyatt to fit in and feel comfortable, and in a house filled with so many people, it isn’t necessarily a good thing. He takes his bags inside, walking into the bedroom. Daphne? It was quite strange to have to share a bed with someone he would barely know, but he needs to be more adventurous anyway. A small part of Wyatt thought back to home and Elise, but she was in good hands.
He decided he needed some liquid courage and so made his way downstairs to get a drink. There were a few other people there but it wasn’t that big of a crowd. Even though, it would be so easy to just say hi, he was nervous and just hoped someone would start conversation with him.



Erick Omar Villanueva

Getting ready today was a pain, but with my last look in the mirror I knew I had chosen right. I checked my face before the security guys got to me.
I sat in the middle back seat, my eyes peering around at everything, once the house came in sight I scooted to the edge, getting a better look. It was gigantic and…oddly shaped. I stepped out and went to get my bags before walking up to the entry here goes.
I was greeted by the host who was very strong, I observed her actions and decided she was friendly, Mirabelle seemed sweet. I thought a bit about our meet on the way up the stairs.
When I got up there I walked past two girls smirking at each other which I smiled at. They turned at the sound of my footsteps And I told them “hey”, the brunette caught my eye. She’s exactly my type. I set my suitcase down looking back up at her in a small glance.
When I went to put the suitcase down under the bed there was already one there, in my place, not my bedmate’s. I looked at the tags and just placed it in front of the bed because from what I knew already, it wasn’t Viviane’s.


Kamari Carian

Getting her makeup done wasn’t a surprise, but she hated it when they would give her a dark look. For the most part, her makeup came out soft, and subtle. I knew this place was extra… But extra was something she liked, although she would never admit it out to public. Once her makeup was done, another group of people came to do her hair. She didn’t really like anybody else touching her hair, but she’ll make an exception this one time. “Thanks, tip?” She offered them 10 dollars and smiled, they did their job perfectly. And, here comes the hardest part. She got up from the chair and started walking towards the house, it was beautiful, even if she tried she could never deny it.
She walked over towards the bedrooms, and saw her pair. Apparently some guy named Sawyer? She grinned and went over to the kitchen and saw a few people. Some people she could approach, some others just looked plain. She walked towards a girl in black and green, her outfit seemed fun. “This place seems nice, don’t you think?”

Outfit and FC

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Daphne Sideris

She put her stuff on the bed and checked herself in the mirror again, headed back outside with her drink still in hand, and was headed outside.
As she left the room she saw this guy walking towards her, honestly he was really attractive ‘Hey’ he said, she smirked at him a bit and put her hand in her back pocket “Hey” she replied “I’m Daphne” she introduced herself to the guy and took a sip of her drink


Alyn Orr :confounded:

Alyn was using the time that was supposed to be for make-up and styling to instead take beep breaths and calm his nerves which made it difficult to sit still. He thought he already looked fine, seeing as how he took some advice on how to look presentable from his sister. Somebody, maybe show crew, came to call him down to the car. Alyn took a quick look in the mirror brushed a bit of hair from his face before making his way to the hotel’s lobby.

He stepped out of the vehicle to be face to face with a gigantic house. Alyn could see a few cameramen, which made him very uncomfortable. Something to get used to, I guess. Just like all other things while being here. He made an effort not to look directly into the camera lens and instead took his luggage and follow the instructions he was given.

He’d be sharing a bed with someone named Hannah, who he’d probably have to meet at some point before tonight. Would it be awkward to sleep in the same bed as a stranger? He wasn’t sure. Alyn headed to the pool area, where everyone else was supposed to be. At least he hoped so. Was he lost? Nono, he can the pool through the windows. The host greeted him, and Alyn could already tell he was being a bit awkward. But that’s fine. It’s just a new environment, everything will go smoothly soon enough.

Alyn's Outfit (minus the sunglasses)


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This place was beautiful, it was a bit overwhelming seeing all the new people coming but she does want to meet everyone so that’s exactly what she’s going to do. With crossed arms and a soft smile she headed toward the area crowded with people, where all the drinks were obviously, looking for someone interesting. That’s why she is here, isn’t it?
One guy in particular caught her attention at that moment and it was a good thing he still wasn’t talking with anyone. Quickly grabbing a drink she went up to him with a sweet smile. “Exciting, isn’t it?” She said with playfully raised brow and took a sip of her drink, before quickly adding. “I’m Shea, by the way!” It was never a problem for her to approach people and start a conversation, in fact she loves doing that and you could probably hear it from the excitement in her voice.

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Wyatt Carter

He looked at Shea, and she was beautiful. “Hey, I’m Wyatt.” Wyatt takes his hand out for her to shake, but then realised it was too formal and so took it back. But if they hugged, what if that’s too forward. And so he just kinda sat there and took a small deep breath.
“Would you maybe like a drink?” He asked her nervously.

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Micah Jekyll :grin:

The house was beautiful and much bigger than he expected. He walked up the multiple flights of stairs to reach the bedroom. Honestly, this place would be amazing to stay for the next few months, or however long he ends up staying. Micah disposed of his suitcase at the bed under his name, along with another person’s. He exited outside to the pool with purpose and was greeted by Mirabelle.

He noticed a girl that was keeping sort of to the sidelines who looked his type. Micah casually put his hands in his pockets and brought his signature smile to his face. “Looking forward to the show?”

Micah's outfit

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Olivia Rose :hearts:

Liv almost jumped as someone approached her. “I must say, I’m fairly excited.” She raised her eyebrow slightly. He was really attractive and his smile was cute. “I’m Olivia, you are?” She asked him putting out her hand for him to shake. Fun fact 1: Liv is amazing at handshakes. It’s just an amazing trait, she’s just that great. I know, craycray.




“Erick” I said with a soft undertone in my voice. I looked over to the stairs signaling at her, “Shall we?” I smiled at her, when she turned to walk I looked her up and down.


Daphne Sideris

She noticed he was checking her out, what felt good seeing someone was already possibly taking interest in her looks.
shall we? he asked
She nodded and looked down the halls, turning back to him with a small confident smile and her hair waving landing on her sholder “where are we headed?” She asked and started walking, looking back to see if he was following "I think you’re missing a drink in your hand " she said with a chuckle and sipped her own


Viviane Porcallo
Today was the day. I have been up since the break of dawn since I’d woken up pretty early and wasn’t able to fall back asleep. So instead of sitting in the room stressing myself out about today, I had gone for a run. I was so excited to be in South Africa. I hadn’t been here before and haven’t really gotten the chance to see much yet but I was already pretty impressed. As the guy was finishing up my hair, I watched him through the mirror and played with the rings on my fingers. I was nervous a little but not bad. More just really anxious to start this experience. My outfit has been planned for weeks thanks to my sisters. I loved the color red so they insisted I had to wear it. We paired a pair of white high waisted pants, that had little black and yellow flowers scattered all over them with a red tank top that laced up in the front. I also wore a pair of nude-colored sandals. The guy ran his fingers through my hair to loosen up the curls and make them more relaxed as they fell over my shoulders. He winked to a lady standing by the door and then the motioned for me to follow her. I sat in the back of a jeep and looked out the window as we approached the extravagant house. It was one of the nicer houses this show has had before in my opinion. Yes, okay I was a fan of this show. I just thrive off this type of stuff. The bachelor is also one of my guilty pleasers. I got out and thanked the driver before closing the door and wheeling my suitcase behind me. I let my eyes wander around my new home for the next few weeks. Very modern. I tried not to make eye contact with any of the cameras but I could see them everywhere, watching my eyes movement. A small smile was on my lips as I found the bedroom and read the name next to mine. Erick I raised a brow and blushed a little. Sharing a bed with a stranger wasn’t something I am used to. As I walked outside, there were already other people here. A tall blonde came up to me. She was sure peppy but I didn’t mind it. “Viv?” She asked me with a toothy smile. I nodded. “In the flesh,” I replied to her with a nod and smiled at her back. She introduced herself to me before taking off to go talk to what looked like a producer maybe. Soon I was left alone in the new surroundings.



Colby Harris

I was awoken and taken to this next stop which was where they did makeup and hair I guess but I did not need it done but I just sucked it up. Once they were done they drive me to a house which I’m guessing is where we are resisting while on the show. The outside looked nice and I got my bags and went inside the house and went to find my bed which was easy enough to find since they had our names on it. I see I’m sharing a bed with someone named Kaira which was cool I guess I just hope she’s nice. As I out my stuff down I heard some type of music so I went down and followed and I saw a blonde hair woman as I got to the place the music was playing.


I saw another contestant show up. “Hey I’m Mirabelle your host this season it’s great to meet you. Some people are already here so go and mingle and have fun. Good luck this season!”

Colby Harris

I smiled at mirabelle and walked in and saw people talking and it looked like this will be a fun party as well as a fun experience.

Jaxon Gardner

I was woken up and was told to get dressed and I did that then I was lead to a car which took me to another place. I walked in and they did worked on my hair and makeup which typically I would not mind but hey if they want to make me sexier I was all for it. After they were done I was taken back to the car and was dropped off at a house which I’m assuming was our final destination and I gravers my bags and went to the rooms and found my bed. I didn’t even notice who I was sharing a bed with nor did I care right now I just hope we could get along. I then heard some music and I followed the sound and got to another place where I see a blonde woman.


“Oh yay another person. I’m Mirabelle your host for the season.” I smiled at the guy and saw he had a lot of tattoos and think he seems like an interesting person. “Go on in and enjoy the party”

Cayden Fitzpatrick

As soon as I woke up I was told I had to get out of bed and changed. I was a little upset with this because sometimes I like to just stay in bed for 5 extra minutes and woke up but I did as I was told and got out of bed and changed and then they led me to a car. I got in and they took me to a place where they pedi makeup and hair and I was out in a seat. I told them I didn’t need anything but they just put some makeup on me which stunk but I couldn’t do anything about it. After they were done I was lead to the car again and they drove to a nice house. I grabbed my bags from them and found my bed and then heard music which sounded like a party was going on which I was so excited about. I walked to where I could hear the music playing and as I got closer and closer it got louder and eventually I found the spot. I was greeted by a blonde woman.


I saw another contestant walked in and I was excited because it seems like more and more people are coming in. “Hey there I’m Mirabelle your host for the season it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Cayden Fitzpatrick

“Yeah pleasure to meet you to Mirabelle I’m cayden. This looks amazing and like it will be a fun adventure and hopefully can find someone”


“You will be fine. Now go on in and enjoy your time Cayden and have a drink and mingle with people.” I smiled at the guy as he walked away and in. I just waited for more people to come.


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