Are You the One? Season Five - Official Thread


Welcome to season five of Are You The One, a reality show in which twenty-four competitors will face off in hopes of finding love and winning the million dollar prize. All competitors will have a perfect match, but they do not know who it is.

In this roleplay, each week will be three RP days.

During the first day, there will be a competition and there will be two (sometimes three and maybe only one) winners. The winners will be able to choose who they want to take on a date. After the competition, all of the contestants will socialize in the house.
If this does not happen, the contestants will socialize during the day and at night, something called the fate button will be used. For the fate button, one girl goes up and presses the button and it lands on two pictures of the girls. Those two girls will be going on the date. A guy then does the same thing and the two guys that are shown will be going on a group date the next day.

During the second day, the date will take place and the other contestants will socialize in the house. The rest of the contestants will also choose which couple on the date they want to send into the truth booth, which will reveal if the couple is a perfect match or not. The chosen couple will then get in the booth when they get back from their date, and if they are a perfect match they will spend one last night with the other contestants before going off to a romantic hotel. If they are not a perfect match, they will have to try to move on to continue on in the search of their perfect match.

During the third day, the contestants will socialize and get ready for the match ceremony at night. Each week either the girls or guys will have their pick of who they want to sit with at the ceremony. There will then be twelve lights and every light represents a perfect match. The number of lights that are lit is how many perfect matches are sitting together at the ceremony.

The goal of the game is that by the end of eleven weeks all twelve lights will be on. If they are, the million dollar prize will split in between all the contestants, if they are not, they will walk away with nothing.

This is set in South Africa.

-Turn notifications on for this thread!
-Try to write at least 5-6 sentences per character!
-If your character is approachable, make them approach another approachable character, don’t just wait!
-No characters can be homosexual. (Sorry!)
-You must be active! (Please have about a conversation (at least ten posts back and forth) a day!)
-Make sure to keep the roleplay dramatic, so add drama!
-If you are not active for longer than two days without letting me know beforehand, your characters will be put up for adoption! Your character can also be put up for adoption if I decide you are not active enough!
-Let us know if you are going away!
-No contact with the outside world is allowed. (Unless permitted by Ryan, but you’d have to ask me)
-No electronic devices are allowed unless they are already in the house like a TV, but characters have very little options)
-No books, music, or most things from the outside world are allowed.
-Characters may not leave the area of the house unless they have permission. (From me. For challenges, going to the nurse, etc)
-Once your character has found their perfect match in the truth booth and goes to the hotel, they will only be playable at the light ceremony.
-Sex is allowed (In the show there’s actually a room called the boom boom room which will be in the roleplay), but obviously no graphic details! After clothes are off, there must be a time skip!
-DO NOT share details about your characters with anybody else. The only thing you’re allowed to share is what they look like, their name, and their age. Do not share their personality or biography or interests or what they’re looking for in a person. The reason for this is that then it might be easier to determine who is a perfect match which ruins the whole point of the roleplay. The purpose is to discover what the other characters are like yourself instead of being told.
-When you roleplay, please try to stay with what you wrote and don’t change your characters’ personalities because if you do, their perfect match won’t be as compatible with them. If you need your character’s personality or bio or something, you can @stephp99 and she’ll send it to you. If you need anything else that doesn’t have to do with your characters’ personalities or the matches, PM me.
-If you are not writing in character, write OOC (Out of Character) or ORP. (Out of Roleplay) Blurring the OOCs is preferrable. Try to avoid writing out of character and just type whatever you want to say in the sign-up thread/chat. I’m the only one that can break this rule, along with @stephp99

If those rules are broken, some will make your character go up for adoption immediately, others will give you a warning or two before your character goes up for adoption!

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If you need me to explain anything in more detail, tell me below or PM me!

List of approachable characters (if your character is on this list, approach another approachable character on this list):


OOC: Everybody can start by having their characters walk into the house and approach the other characters. The fate button will be used to pick dates tonight, but the characters do not know that yet.
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I grinned as I walked into the house. I’m finally here. I couldn’t control my excitement and felt like I was going to burst, but at the same time, I was anxious. My stomach twisted and I honestly felt like I was going to throw up, but I had to control it. I took a deep breath and looked, around, taking in my surroundings. My grin faded slightly as I noticed that this wasn’t some high-tech house or anything, most of the house was outside and I was an indoor person. I then decided to focus on the people, hoping that there’d be someone attractive. I bit my lip to stop my grin from growing so big that it just looked stupid as I noticed some of the guys who were pretty attractive; however, I just couldn’t bring myself to approach one of them. I awkwardly stood around for a moment, hoping an attractive guy would approach me. If not, I’d probably just end up talking to a girl.
OOC: Approachable!



I entered the house and looked around, taking in my surroundings. The house wasn’t what I was used to, most things were outside, but to be honest, I didn’t mind. I wasn’t a huge outdoors person, but a change could be nice. It was a shame that cameramen were surrounding us like flies, but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to, although some privacy would have been nice. My face remained pretty neutral as I looked around at the females in the house. I was hoping that none of them would know who I was outside of the house, because if they did, I would never know their true intentions. I decided to wait for a few moments since noboody had started talking to anybody yet.
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Aiden Summers
As I walked into the house I looked around at the other guys here, and then at all of the gorgeous girls. I knew what my plan and goal were going to be. I smirked looking at each of the girls walking in, thinking about which ones I found the most attractive. Even the ones that weren’t quite what I liked best were still very pretty. Somehow this show always finds the best looking people. It’s not like any of these girls would want to be with me anyway or at least with the kind of person I truly am… I thought to myself in a sarcastic tone despite it being how I actually felt. If it wouldn’t work out later then why even try, why not just have fun while this show lasts…

ORP: Approachable


:cherry_blossom: Bianca Adkins :cherry_blossom:

Crossing the bridge was beautiful. The house, well better said as the mansion, was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to mingle. I headed towards the left of the building to the bedrooms and placed my stuff down on the bed, ready to unpack. I open the chest at the foot of the bed and folded clothes to fit inside, as I got up I turned around to some guy unpacking by the bed next to me and asked him, smiling, “Are you excited?”

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Baue Bentley
I didn’t mind the house. It made me feel like I was Tarzan or something. I had a pair of sunglasses on as I walked into the house. I could check the girls out and they wouldn’t even have a clue. from what I have seen so far though, they all looked beautiful. Not all exactly my type but good looking for sure. damn being one of the people to pick the girls would be a fun job I thought to myself with a cheeky grin on my face. clearly I didnt know anyone here yet and that was a little strange to be in a house full of strangers. I made my way to the bar. im sure im not the only one who wanted a drink to get a little more comfortable with some liquid confidence.




“Jim, I swear if you don’t get me the time and dress that I want, I will cut you d-ck off any I understood?” She said into the phone, he assistant on the other end of the line stuttered a yes and hung up. With a sigh, she looked around. “Well ain’t this just… cute and charming…” She looked it overhearing a familiar voice. Oh not this guy again. For the love of all things good, she already had to be here, now she was stuck with him as well.


“Nathen why am I here?” Sam asked, kicking mud off of his shoe as he was thinking that his private jet would take him to somewhere a lot more reserved and a lot more… clean.
“As a vacation sir. The staff thought it would be best if you too a little break and this seemed like a good way to do this.” Nathen said from back at the office.
With a sigh, Samuel rubbed his temp, “What a nice thought. I’m assuming I’m stuck here?”
“Your father signed you up I believe.”
“I’m sure he did. Give him a present of my gratitude.” Sam said through clenched teeth when he looked to see a girl he knew. With a smirk, he approached her from behind.
“Miss Norman, what a pleasant surprise love. It’s been so long.” He wanted around, holding out his arms for her to take. Hesitantly she did and the strolled onto the bridge together.


She truly hated this man, but he had helped her in a time of need. Still, that didn’t mean he wasn’t a complete bastard. “Still looking radiant as always.” He smiled.
“Still classy I see. Even on vacation.” She smirked back and he gave a light laugh.
“What can I say, I like to make an impression.”
“You and I both.”
Maybe it was because they were all so similar, maybe it was because of the things he did, but Nyla wanted this in out of her life. Sadly she didn’t seem to have that kind of luck. Once through the door, she took her looped arm away from his and pulled back, “Well I think I’m going to look around. See you around sugar. Hope you find your match. Best of luck.” She gave a small wave.
“The same to you.” He gave a small bow and they walked in separate directions. God, if he was her match she didn’t know what she would do. Strangle him? Probably.
With a smile and wave to the camera’s, she looked around the room at everyone else. These are the contestants this round. Dear god, how unfortunate.

ORP: Approachable


He looked down at his phone typing away for business and checking his emails when he got a message from Nathen again. “Enjoy your time there sir. Or I will have to disable your phone.”
What was he? His mother now? Threaten to turn off his phone because he wasn’t mingling. He had work to do even if he was on this show. Why can no one see that? Nevertheless, he shut off his phone and crossed his arms as he looked around, “Lovely group.” He muttered, cameras right in his face but he didn’t even acknowledge them. After all both he and Nyla were used to it.

ORP: Approachable



Are You the One? Season Five - Sign-Ups/Chat

Justin Parker

I came out of the car, and gazed at the house for a bit. Wow so now I’m finally having a real life I smiled widely and dumbly at the house far away. But I quickly recover thinking I would have looked really stupid. I return to my natural look then start to walk to the bridge that leads to the house. When it shook a little I almost screamed thinking I might fall into the water, but I quickly cover my mouth and go over to the other side.
When I was infront of the door, I begin to think. Should I knock? That was what I would normally do- or ring the doorbell. I look around for doorbells. I find one. Should I? I stand there thinking a bit. Then try opening the door. It opened. My face goes red of embarrassment I look around for people who might have watched me. None I sigh in relief and open the door more widely and go inside.
When I go inside the wooden door, I see a wide space. I gaze at the side space and stay there again for like one minute straight looking at the living room that is connected to the bed room and the bedroom connected to- everything is connected. I recover again thinking about why do I gaze at everything today and tell myself to don’t be, and look like a dumb person. I go inside fully and carrry my bag with me to the inside and close the door. I walk up to one of the couches and sit down.

ORP Approachable



He looked down when his phone buzz and it was instantly taken out of his hand by one of the crew. “I’m sorry, I need that for work.” He stated, glaring at the man who just gave a small shrug.
“Not my problem. Phones aren’t allowed. Rules are Rules.” The man said and walked off. With a scowl, Samuel took a seat in one of the chairs, “What luck. What pure luck.” All he could do now is hope that Nathen had things under control. He better have things under control.
He looked over at the girl next to him, raising a brow, “Excited? Not really, but you seemed to be. Personally, I would be a lot more excited if there was more to do.” He sighed.

@amberh.episode - Bianca



She started texting her friend back in LA when her phone slipped out of her hand, “HEY! What the fuck do you think you’re doing buddy?!” She yelled at the crew member who took her phone and put it in his pockets.
“Rules. Sorry.” He gave another shrug and walked off.
“Unbelievable. So… unbelievable.” She growled, taking a seat on the couch next to a blue-eyed boy, “I swear I might rip off a few heads in my time here. I’m already in a bad mood.” She hissed, crossing her arms over her chest, “First day too.” She extended a hand, “Pleasure to meet you anyway handsome.”



:cherry_blossom: Bianca Adkins :cherry_blossom:

Uh… Okay? This dude seemed a smudge too grouchy, but it could just be jet lag. Whatever, he’s cute. “I’m sure there are lots of things to do. You just need to find them.” I skipped around happily while putting things away before finally zipping up my suitcase and sliding it under the bed. “Liven up a bit.”



Alicia Stone

I get off my bike, and get myself out of it- then hear a buzz. I take out my phone and see it’s dad. I roll my eyes, and answer the phone. “Hello?” I say. “Are you sure you don’t need a car to get there?” He asks. “Dad! It only took like ten minutes with a bike why would you use a car?” I ask. “Took?” He asks. “Yes! I’m already here, so you don’t have to really be over-protective.” I say, then silence. I take my phone off my ear and look at the screen. Call ended “oh well I guess he understood” I say to myself and get the bag out of the back seat. Then I look around to see where the house is then I see a wooden house in a distance. I raise my eyebrows following the road to see where the start point of it is. When I end following it, I see a bridge. “Cool.” I say to myself and take my bag by the shoulder and walk to the starting point if the bridge. When I step into the area of the house, fresh air meets my nose. “Mm pleasant.” I say and smile as I walk down the bridge to the other side.
When I arrive in front of he house, I open the door and go in and look at the huge house. A mansion would be a better word then house I think and look around he house. Better then expected though I think and walk farther inside and sit down one of the chairs and start relax my muscles from all the carrying heavy bags by shoulders

ORP Approachable



I headed over the bridge and towards this house that would be my home for the next 11 weeks. I could see some people settling in to a couch and some people heading straight to the bedrooms. I liked that the whole house was basically outdoors. This I could get used to. I looked around for a girl who was more my type, and as my luck would have it there was a short woman standing alone, looking around. She looked cute. I walked up to her. “Hey, I’m Ty,” I said smiling. “What do you think of the place?”




Justin Parker

I glance at the girl next to me. I gulp. A girl I think. What do I do. A girl- what do I do. Ok let’s play it chill shall we Justin? “Hi-pleasure to meet you too“ I almost said bro but I stopped myself before I could say it. “And you don’t look bad yourself.” I say a bit awkwardly. Hopefully it won’t sound as awkward I think it would sound


Are You the One? Season Five - Sign-Ups/Chat

:iphone: Samuel Howell :business_suit_levitating:

He placed his things on the bed, glancing up at the girl a few times. He was used to having people already do this for him. Why was he all of a sudden doing it now? Didn’t make much sense that was certain. “If you’re willing to help me find them I think they can be fun.” He smirked, finishing up on his things and leaning against the wall watching he skip around. “You’re quite a lively one aren’t you darling.”



Aiden Summers
I watched a girl walk in and sit down in one of the chairs. Her hair wasn’t at blonde as I prefer, but I couldn’t deny how pretty she looked. I walked over and sat down in the chair next to her. “Hey there. I’m Aiden. What’s your name? Are you happy to be here?”




I smiled nervously once a guy approached me and felt like I was going to throw up even more. Shit, shit, shit. Why am I so nervous? He’s not even attractive. “Hey.” I told him, then listened to his question. What do I think of this place? It’s shitty, it’s outside, I’m not a nature person, I hate the beach, ugh, this is going to be so annoying. AND we’re not even allowed to have technology? Like, that makes sense but we’re not living in the prehistoric age, like what the fuck? I can’t. I decided that I probably shouldn’t tell him what I thought now since first impressions were everything and I didn’t want to seem like I complained a lot, although that was all I did at times. “I’m Anaís. This place is alright, I wish we could’ve been in the house from last season, you know, something more indoors. I also don’t know how I’m going to get used to living eleven weeks without my phone, I’m like, addicted to it.” I told him with a nervous chuckle.


Alicia Stone

While I was still gazing at the house, I notice someone sit next to me. I glance at the boy next to me. He was talking to me right? I think and then my body to face him. “Me? Well if you were talking to me, I am great.” I say and smile. “And I am Alicia.” I smile again sweetly and offer my hand to him. “What’s yours?”



:lipstick: Nyla Norman :clapper:

She noticed him gulp and a small smile came to her face. How cute. He was nervous. Let’s tease him a little shall we. “Aw, you’re too sweet. I kind of have to be.” She laughed, sitting closer, “You nervous about things? I mean now that we’re all here and everything.” She looked around the place and sighed, “Pretty exciting, isn’t it?”