Are You the One? Season Five - Official Thread



When she saw Caspian kissing Alicia she felt a slight pain in her chest, even if she knew it was just the game. Why did it hurt? Was she actually developing feelings for him? And she couldn’t say anything after what Beau had just done. To her, he seemed to be like the heart breaker player type, kinda like Scott, but she couldn’t know for sure of course. He just seemed to enjoy attention from girls a little too much. She hoped Caspian and her could talk after the game, they hadn’t since the date and she wasn’t sure if he liked her or not. Please be real, please say he didn’t just do that for show.

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I was in the middle of kissing him when he just pulled away. Samuel told me that he would love to continue, but that there was an audience. “Oh my god… I forgot.” I felt my face heating up, so I looked away. “Maybe we can continue this sometime.” I suggested, turn sat down in my spot. Did I seriously just say that? I looked down at the floor in embarrassment, waiting for someone else to go.


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both Liri and Sol magically teleport to the ceremony area

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After the Soun the Bittle game I relaxed a little bit in the sofa and then went to the beauty room to get ready for the matchup ceremony. I was having a difficult time with my decision so I will just make the decision when I’m there. After I got ready I went down to the matchup ceremony area.

I hadn’t really talked to a lot of guys yet really just Jasper and he seemed nice. I will have to talk to him. Ore to see if he is or could be my match or not. I then went to the beauty room and got ready then stopped at the bar first and had a shot. Then I walked to the matchup ceremony.

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The match ceremony was about to start. I started heading towards it not paying much attention. I was to lost in thoughts. It was the girls time to pick tonight and I was sure that Bianca would hopefully pick me. I always loved the match ceremony the suspense as the lights lit up it was always so much fun. As I got there I noticed a few other people standing around waiting for it to start. I took my place and patiently waited for it to start.


I was already on my way to the match ceremony. It was my time to pick tonight and was unsure if picking Aiden would be the right thing to do. I wasn’t sure if I should or not because I didn’t want to start any drama especially with Kelsey. She wouldn’t pick him would she? She would pick that other guy she keeps on saying she likes. Would she still be mad. I don’t know. As I arrived I took my spot ready to start still deciding what to do. I do ‘t think there was anyone else I could have chosen was there.

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Aiden Summers
I was really happy about having played spin the bottle earlier. It’s a fun game to play, so I hoped we would do it again at some point. After it ended I was just chilling until it was time for the match ceremony. Once I realized it was time I went over all ready. I was just glad I didn’t have to pick tonight.

I was still really annoyed about having to interact with V during spin the bottle. Once I saw it was almost time for the match ceremony, I quickly got ready so I could be there a little bit early.


:rose: Thorn Everette

He got up from his spot on the floor and headed to the match ceremony area. He hoped that Kelsey would choose him, he thought that they’d been getting along pretty well, but he didn’t really know. Maybe she’d choose that dude she kissed during Spin the Bottle—she seemed to be pretty into it then. But then again, it was a game. Maybe he shouldn’t be so bitter about it. Whatever happened would happen and perhaps tonight would determine what Kelsey really felt towards him.
But whether she chose him or not, they still had a competition to finish.

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Piper Wilson
She was still sitting on the floor until she had heard it was time for the match ceremony. She was going to randomly pick somebody because she hadn’t talked to anybody else, but she could get to know some more people afterwards. She walked over to the match ceremony area and waited for everybody else to arrive as well.

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Once everybody was at the ceremony, I welcomed them. One by one, they all chose who they would sit with and locked in. I then turned to the lights and a second light lit up. One was already lit since Luna and Elliot were already a match. “Two!”
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“Three!” I announced as a third light appeared.
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A fourth light lit up. “Four!”
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“Six matches! And that’s all!” I shouted.
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She looked to Justin and rose a brow, “Wow. Well, I wouldn’t complain if you were my match.” She smiled kissing him on the cheeks glad to see 6 lights but at the same time… She kind of wished that it would have been with Beau? What! No, no, shut up mind. You wish nothing. She shook her head and looped Justin’s arm with her and rested her head on his shoulder.




Once Ryan had announced that they had six matches sitting together that evening, Justin looked at Nyla. Could she be my match? He had no idea at this point. His face flushed when she kissed his cheeks and rested her head on his shoulder. Justin didn’t say anything. He couldn’t. Her presence made him so nervous that he could barely form a complete sentence. He didn’t want to accidentally say something stupid. He smiled and went with it hoping Nyla couldn’t hear the rapid beating of his heart.

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She sighed, resting her chin on his shoulder to look up at him, “How about we do something? You and I.” This really didn’t go well last time… But I’m a big enough idiot to try it again. She laced her fingers with him and smiled, “How about we go to the beach and watch the stars. I’ve always wanted to do that. And I can learn more about you.”

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I looked at the six lights and smiled. We were getting closer. I wonder who my match is. Is it Samuel? Is it some other guy? I don’t even know how I feel about Samuel. I was losing interest but then we had that kiss earlier and… I don’t even know. I sighed, then looked at Samuel who was next to me and got up. “Do you want to go do something?”


I was happy to see that we got six beams tonight that means half of us are a perfect match I wonder if Thorn and I are a perfect match or if it could still be Aiden. Part of me still wants it to be Aiden but I can see Macey is starting to like him and I really like Thorn as well. I saw Aiden just standing around with Macey close by. I kinda wanted to talk with him without Macey or anyone around. I went up to him and said “can I talk to you in private for a few minutes”.

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