Are You the One? Season Five - Sign-Ups/Chat


could always play another game like truth or dare or another time


I’m fine with whatever.


I’m also fine with whatever


It doesn’t matter one way or the other to me. I’m good with anything.


We could do that, but I think it would be better to do that another weekend.


Let’s just have conversations until the match ceremony. The match ceremony is at 5 PM (it may be postponed to later today though) by the way! I need to know who the girls will be sitting with so everybody with a female character needs to tell me through the match ceremony chat!
@amberh.episode, @KBaldi93, @Kittenlove, @LittleElf, @Littlefeets, @Daisy_Flower1, @ScarletSwanHunter, @epi.alyssaa, @Madilnel, @QueenChid,


Is any male character approachable?


Caspian is.


Aiden and Jamison are also


Just a reminder to send in your numbers for the next challenge! (if you have a male character) I only got I think three people’s numbers.

@amberh.episode, @KBaldi93, @Kittenlove, @LittleElf, @Littlefeets, @Daisy_Flower1, @ScarletSwanHunter, @epi.alyssaa, @Madilnel, @QueenChid,


Have you gotten mine??




Oki doki


I had a feeling there was going to be more matches tonight!


@stephp99 couldyouhavealiciaapproachjasperkthanksbye


V is


Anyone approachable?


Kelsey now is since it’s the next day


Ok where abouts is she?


Anywhere to be honest