Are You the One? Season Four - Sign-Ups


Welcome to season four of Are You The One, a reality show in which twenty to twenty-four competitors will face off in hopes of finding love and winning the million dollar prize. Each competitor will have a perfect match, but they will not know who it is.

In this roleplay, each week will be three RP days. (One RP day equals two days in real life)
During the first day, there will be a competition and there will be two winners. The winners will be able to choose who they want to take on a date. After the competition, all of the contestants will socialize in the house.
During the second day, the date will take place and the other contestants will socialize in the house. The rest of the contestants will also choose which couple on the date they want to send into the truth booth, which will reveal if the couple is a perfect match or not. The chosen couple will then get in the booth when they get back from their date, and if they are a perfect match they will spend one last night with the other contestants before going off to a romantic hotel. If they are not a perfect match, they will have to try to move on to continue on in the search of their perfect match.
During the third day, the contestants will socialize and get ready for the match ceremony at night. Each week either the girls or guys will have their pick of who they want to sit with at the ceremony. There will then be twelve lights and every light represents a perfect match. The number of lights that are lit is how many perfect matches are sitting together at the ceremony.
The goal of the game is that by the end of ten (there might be more depending on how many matches there are) weeks all ten-twelve (depends on the number of perfect matches) lights will be on. If they are, the million dollar prize will split in between all the contestants, if they are not, they will walk away with nothing.

This season, @CrazyCaliope will be helping me the matches. She asked me if I would like to participate in this roleplay without knowing who my characters’ matches are so I can try to figure it out along with the rest of you, and I agreed. This roleplay still belongs to me. I will be posting as Ryan, creating the challenges and being in charge of them, and creating the faceclaims/sign-ups. @CrazyCaliope will read all of your sign-ups (I will not read them until after the roleplay is over) and will match up the characters, then send me the basic info (faceclaim, name, age, owner) so I can put them on the faceclaims. Once the roleplay starts, they will be checking who’s active and will be sending me the results of the truth booths and match ceremonies so I can have Ryan announce it.

Something that is different from last season involving the sign-up process is that everybody can sign-up and at least one of your characters will get a spot, but it isn’t guaranteed that both of them will. (It isn’t 100% guaranteed that either character will get a spot either, but @CrazyCaliope will try to make it work) If you don’t get a spot or only get one character accepted, you can let me know if you would like to be on the waiting list in case somebody drops out or goes inactive. (Which usually happens pretty fast and last season about three or four people on the waiting list got to adopt a character)

You will have until about the thirteenth of July to make your characters! Once the roleplay starts, absolutely NO new characters are allowed (However, you may ask to be put on the waiting list to adopt a character)

-Make dramatic characters, but remember, keep them believable!
-This kind of goes along with the rule above, but do not make boring or perfect characters!
-You must create one male and one female character. (Do not create two characters of the same gender or more than two characters)
-No characters are allowed to be homosexual in order for this to work, sorry!
-All faceclaims must be of real people! (No drawings/animations and obviously only humans)
-You must be active, seriously if you are not going to be active, don’t join!
-If you are not active for longer than four days without letting me know beforehand, your characters will be put up for adoption!
-Once your character has found their perfect match in the truth booth and goes to the hotel, they will only be playable at the light ceremony.
-Sex is allowed (In the show there’s actually a room called the boom boom room which will be in the roleplay), but obviously no graphic details.
-DO NOT share details about your characters with anybody else. The only thing you’re allowed to share is what they look like, their name, and their age. Do not share their personality or biography or interests or what they’re looking for in a person. The reason for this is that then it might be easier to determine who is a perfect match which ruins the whole point of the roleplay. The purpose is to discover what the other characters are like yourself instead of being told.
-When you roleplay, please try to stay with what you wrote and don’t change your characters’ personalities because if you do, their perfect match won’t be as compatible with them. If you need your character’s personality or bio or something, you can PM @CrazyCaliope and she’ll send it to you.

Sign-ups: Click here!
Faceclaims: Click here!

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Are You The One? Season 3 - Sign-Ups
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Hey, @kitty4322, what do you mean by dramatic characters?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it, I created some nice characters.


Even though you said nevermind, by dramatic I just mean characters that can cause some drama or at least have something they’re hiding or a good back story or something. It’s kind of hard to explain, haha, @CrazyCaliope, could you explain?


Nah, it’s okay, I got it! I made two characters I’ve never even experienced before, so I’m hoping they are good enough.

(The female is based off of my sister though.)


Gosh, I really want to sign up, but making two interesting characters is hard :sob: All I make are boring ones.


I’ve submitted my Female character but I’m still trying to come up with my male character. all I know for him is the faceclaim so far


Aw, maybe you could ask @CrazyCaliope for advice? Not sure if they’d be able to help, but unfortunately I can’t help because I am not matching up the characters so I shouldn’t know the personalities or anything of the characters before the role play starts.


Thanks, I’ll do that! I’m not really good with the whole role play thing, but I really want to do a romance one.


I have now submitted my male character.


Do you guy think I should do this…


Okay, well, just in case anyone is wondering.
Dramatic doesn’t necessarily mean adds a fight to EVERY scene, it just means that you add interest to the RP and your character isn’t just “nice”. “Nice” and “sweet” characters that everyone wants to be with may be good for you and finding a match, but it would never sell movie tickets. Ya gotta have flaws.

Hint. In the season past, there was a character called Elyse who was really weird (believed in demons). She made an enemy with her perfect match in week one and in week 8, it was really funny. Another character fought with another female over sleeping with someone that they knew WASN’T their match. Causing tension between those girls ALL season.
Also, remember that if you get a no match with a character you’ve connected with, you don’t have to separate after. Maybe your character falls easily and those characters continue, causing hate within the house.

Hope this helps!


Thank. I’m might sign up


About to submit Female, will submit Male tomorrow


I’ll submit my characters as soon as I go on my computer!


Okay, I made one very flawed character, she’s sweet, but it’s only deep deep deep down.


I can see … “Sssh” … please resend FC, I can’t access it!


One character (female) submitted, second character (male) to be completed.


How many sign ups did you get last time?


Can I make Elyse’s sister? Lol she was my favourite character in last season.



Possibly. @kitty4322?
Check with @Lady-Mehek too, as it was originally her character?!