Are You the One? Season Four - Sign-Ups


:no_mouth: Lets PM each other so we can talk an not reveal our age to weirdos it’ll be quick


I did the same :joy:




I don’t know, I’m about to go back to the stuff now and continue.


It’s up to you, but I wouldn’t even do this.

I am an adult, I don’t even share my age on here!
I admit I’ve share my home country and the city I’m in now, but that’s it!



Haha, I share too much about myself online which isn’t good, oof.

Also, sorry to kill the mood or whatever here even though you guys stopped talking, but could you talk about things not relating to the RP on another thread? (Unless if it’s a quick conversation like a couple posts is fine) I’d like to keep this thread for sign-ups and not side conversations. After the sign-ups close you guys can talk about the roleplay here.


Yeah, sorry! We’ll do that :blush:


Can I change the faceclaim for my female character? Because I found a faceclaim that I like better.


Uh, there are 13 girls. and 9 boys- some people only did one person


Yeah, just sent it!


Should I send the new faceclaim on here or in a pm?


Whichever, it doesn’t matter for the FC, unless it other stuff too.


Ok here it is. This pic makes her look much more unique.

Since it doesn’t show her eyes in the pic, her eyes are dark gray.


Her height?


Same as I said earlier.


Sorry, my brain is fully awake yet. I should get coffee but they’ll only put me to sleep. HA!


Some people probably need more planning to create their character or they don’t have the time at the moment. After all, we have two weeks until the sign-ups are due.


I just submitted a male character


Yes, 2 weeks remain. More people still want to sign up and we already have 23! :clap::clap::clap: