Are You the One? Season Four - Sign-Ups


Laia, right?


Yeah, thank you.


Hi! Can you tell me if any of my characters made it? They’re names were Valeria and Elijah :slight_smile:


Hi. At the moment, both. Though I still need to rearrange a couple and rework some!


Okay, thanks! :blush:


When will we know if our charcters got in?


Oof, i finally submitted my male character, sorry it’s so crappy




I believe it is 9:11PM EST, so only 3 hours before sign-ups close!


Yep, exactly that time :joy:


@Lex_C, I don’t know. Maybe Sunday?

@Cam, okay, thank you. I’m sure your male is fine as your female is great!


Thanks! I sure hope I can have at least one of them in the RP


Well, I am currently 95% happy with your female match (possibly higher).


Yay! That’s awesome!


Okaaay …



Hey, who signed the character, Azalea Rae Matthias, up?
Only because sweetlike_honey isn’t a username I can find?!


Dang I’m to late…


Awwww, I’m really sorry about that. I would say you can make one, but I don’t think that’d be fair on the people who did make it on time. Especially if someone wouldn’t get a character into the house because of it. Sorry.

Though, you can go on the list to adopt characters if anyone goes inactive.


Yeah? ok. Thanks!!!


You can adopt my character if you would like. Her name is Laia.