Are You the One? - Season Seven - Official Thread

Welcome to season seven of Are You The One, a reality show in which twenty-two competitors will compete in hopes of finding love and winning a million-dollar prize. All competitors will have a perfect match, but they will not know who it is, as their goal is to find their perfect match. This season takes place in Fiji.

In this roleplay, each week will be three RP days. Each RP day will equal two days in real life. (Although I may change this if the RP moves very slowly or quickly)

During the first day, there will be a competition and there will be two (sometimes three and maybe only one) winners. The winners will be able to choose who they want to take on a date unless it’s one of the weeks where someone else chooses for them. After the competition, all of the contestants will socialize in the house.

During the second day, the date will take place and the other contestants will socialize in the house. The rest of the contestants will also choose which couple on the date they want to send into the truth booth, which will reveal if the couple is a perfect match or not. The chosen couple will then get in the booth when they get back from their date, and if they are a perfect match they will spend one last night with the other contestants before going off to the honeymoon suite. If they are not a perfect match, they will have to try to move on to continue on in the search of their perfect match.

During the third day, the contestants will socialize and get ready for the match ceremony at night. Each week either the girls or guys will have their pick of who they want to sit with at the ceremony. There will then be twelve lights and every light represents a perfect match. The number of lights that are lit is how many perfect matches are sitting together at the ceremony.

There may be other events that take place during the days, such as parties and additional challenges.

The goal of the game is that by the end of thirteen weeks all eleven lights will be on. If they are, the million-dollar prize will split in between all the contestants. If they are not, they will walk away with nothing.

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-Write at least 5-6 sentences per character!
-If your character is approachable, make them approach another approachable character, don’t just wait for some to approach your character or just post that they’re approachable if you know others are too!
-You must be active! (Please have about a conversation (at least five posts on your part in response to the same character) per character a day!)
-If you have two characters, do not neglect one of them and only focus on the other!
-Make sure to keep the roleplay dramatic, so add drama!
-If you are not active for longer than two days without letting me know beforehand, your characters will be put up for adoption! Your character can also be put up for adoption if I decide that you are not active enough!
-Let me know if you are going away! (PM me or let me know in the sign-up/chat thread)
-No contact with the outside world is allowed. (Unless permitted by Terrence, the host, but you’d have to ask me first)
-No electronic devices are allowed unless they are already in the house like the TV, but there is nothing on the TV for the characters to watch.
-No books, music, animals, or most things from the outside world are allowed. (ask me if you are unsure if something would be allowed in the house)
-Characters may not leave the area of the house unless they have permission. (From me. For challenges, dates, etc)
-Once your character has found their perfect match in the truth booth and goes to the hotel, they will only be playable at the light ceremony.
-Sex is allowed (In the show there’s actually a room called the boom boom room which is in the roleplay), but obviously no graphic details! After clothes are off, either you take it to a PM or just time skip!
-Blur curse words!
-DO NOT share details about your characters with anybody else. The only thing you’re allowed to share is what they look like, their name, and their age. Do not share their personality or biography or interests or what they’re looking for in a person. The reason for this is that then it might be easier to determine who is a perfect match which ruins the whole point of the roleplay. The purpose is to discover what the other characters are like yourself instead of being told.
-When you roleplay, please try to stay with what you wrote and don’t change your characters’ personalities because if you do, their perfect match won’t be as compatible with them. If you need your character’s personality or bio or something, you can PM me and I’ll redirect you so you can get the information. Do not tell me any information about your characters though. If you need anything else that doesn’t have to do with your characters’ personalities or the matches, PM me.
-If you are not writing in character, write OOC (Out of Character) or ORP. (Out of Roleplay) Blurring the OOCs is preferable. Try to avoid writing out of character and just type whatever you want to say in the sign-up thread/chat. I’m the only one that can break this rule.
-Do not advertise your own RPs/SGs/any of that on here or the sign-up thread!

If those rules are broken, some will make your character go up for adoption immediately, others will give you a warning or two before your character goes up for adoption!

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If you need me to explain anything in more detail, tell me on the sign-up/chat thread or PM me!

List of approachable characters (if your character is on this list, approach another approachable character on this list):



Anne looked around the room with a smile. She adjusted her fringe which was slightly covering her eyes to reveal her pale face. She was wearing a delicate, daily makeup. In particular, she intensified her eyes (she thought they were terribly small, and the mascara significantly enlarges them, or at least it gives such an impression). The patterned dress in which shades of blue predominated perfectly emphasized her golden hair and slim figure.

The girl felt excitement mixed with a lot of stress. What if her match won’t like her? What if she makes a fool of herself? What if she would be afraid to approach anyone? From these concerns her stomach started to ache and she felt sick. She took a deep breath so as not to vomit in front of the camera. Fortunately, she managed to control her nausea. She looked again at the rest of the participants… a few of them caught her attention in particular.

She couldn’t wait to meet them all…




Andrea Carson
Standing in front of the house, andrea looked at the entrance taking a deep breath.
She was happy and excited, yet terrified to the bones.
On the one hand, the fact that her brother didn’t get in made her feel rather alone. But on the other hand it was an opportunity for a new fresh start with people that don’t know her.
She zoned back to reality and entered the house,
Seeing a girl headed to the bar she chuckled but went another way, she didn’t feel like drinking just yet.
She found herself in the living room looking around, impressed of the house and thinking of what will come next




Samantha Lewis
Samantha was excited to say the least, coming here to ayto to her felt like the ultimate door for a happy ending.
Seeing how coming here got her brother from being a single depressed guy with a dead girlfriend, to a happily engaged guy.
Samantha looked up at her brother’s relationship, and hoped with all her heart that coming here now will give her a match, a person to love. A happy ending
She entered the house and looked around, damn that was one fine house.
She smirked as she saw a bar, and went over grabbing herself a light cocktail




Ajax Miller
I was starting to get bored of being alone, and never finding the one. So, I was thrilled to hear that I could be on my way to find my perfect match. I smirked lightly as my eyes scanned the area, looking for someone who sparked my interest. My eyes trailed over a few girls, and then my vision went towards a couple blonde women. I winked at this one blonde and thought about how I needed to talk to her as soon as i could because she was smoking. (@CallMeRebeka -Rose indirectly mentioned.) Then my eyes wandered off to another, he features were very soft and she was beautiful as well. (@Littlefeets - Carly indirectly mentioned) We had already so many gorgeous girls and I couldn’t wait to meet them. I looked at them all, not wanting to throw out any of my options. I readjusted my hair and looked towards another, but I then moved into the house and I wondered into the bedrooms. I checked to see who would be sharing a room with me, and raised an eyebrow. Archer… I said in my head, so I wouldn’t forget. (@Kenzi1 - Archer) After I laid my stuff down, I left the room and went out to go talk to people. (@boujee -Leilani indirectly mentioned.)
Approachable (outfit)


Rose Hemmings

As soon as she stepped into the house she looked around scanning every boy in there like she usually does every time she goes somewhere, might not be the best first thing to do when you get somewhere but she does do that. Being the adventures type she was excite to be a part of this and maybe, just maybe she finds her true love here. Usually she goes for blond guys but this dark haired boy sure got her attention. She noticed him wink at her and immediately a smirk formed on her lips as she gently pushed a bit of her hair behind her ear. Definitely not a bad start.
Deciding to first look around the house and then possibly approach someone she slowly started walking around with crossed arms, scanning every corner of every room. She went to the bedroom first in hope to find who she would be sleeping with even if she had no idea who the people are. Cade. Ok, noted, will find him later. She thought and went to the backyard, being excited for that part of the house the most.

@Aesthetic Ajax mentioned
@kitty4322 Cade mentioned




I adjusted my outfit (the sunglasses are on her head, she’s not actually wearing them) and grinned. Wow, I’m finally here. This is happening. I took a few deep breaths, then entered the house, my suitcase rolling behind me. Once I entered, I looked around and saw a few people already in the house. It’s weird, one of them could be my match. I then tried to shift my focus to finding the bedroom. Where is it? I could ask one of the people here, but I don’t need them, I can figure this out by myself. I looked over toward this door, but then saw the sign above that read: “Boom Boom Room”. No, that’s not it. I then looked over toward the kitchen and saw a couple of doors in the wall, so I tried one of the handles. It opened and inside I saw the bedroom. After I entered the room, I noticed that all the beds had two names above them. Did they assign us beds? Oh my god, who am I with? Soon enough, I found my name. Ok, I’m with a girl called Anne. Hopefully we get along. I bit my lip slightly, then put my suitcase in the trunk at the end of the bed. I’ll unpack later.

I then left the bedroom in search of someone to talk to and saw a girl in the living room. “Hey,” I smiled at the woman and sat down next to her, crossing my legs. “I’m Valentina, and you are?”

@SilverRose - Anne


RAMELLO RILEY :maple_leaf:

Ramello entered the spacious living room. He immediately noticed a black girl standing there. She was looking around the room curiously. The boy decided to do the same. The living room was colorful… a little oriental… it almost seemed magical. Ramello took a deep breath to feel its amazing aura even better. Then, full of optimism, he sat down on the yellow sofa. From this position he could better see the dark-haired girl who was delighted with this place.

“I see you like it here.” Ramello commented, shamelessly sprawling on the couch.





“Oh, shit.” I mumbled under my breath. Is it too late to turn back? I thought. Anddd that camera just pointed directly at me. Fuck. This is really happening, from now everyone’s going to know that I also like guys. My parents are definitely going to be upset. Why did I do this again? Oh, yeah, because I thought that I could finally be myself and not worry about my parents. Bad idea. I mumbled a string of curses, then looked around and eventually found the bedroom. And I’m sleeping with someone random too? I thought once I noticed that we were all assigned a bed. I then saw my name next to another name: Rose. Ok, this is going to be fine. Now let me go out and look around the house. I left my suitcase in the trunk at the end of the bed, then left the bedroom and walked around, seeing the house already start to fill up with people.

His outfit (no sunglasses)

@CallMeRebeka (Rose mentioned)

OOC: He’s approachable!


Dani Wright
I had finally gotten to the enchanting island and was pretty content with it. It was beautiful. I was ready to find my perfect match, and I was hoping that I would catch someone’s eye. I fixed my outfit because there was a light salty breeze blowing towards us. I have always loved beaches, ever since I was a child. I smirked confidently with my arms crossed and my hair blew with the wind. I missed my job already, but I knew that it would still be there when I get back. My eyes scanned over the room, looking at everyone. Once I had stopped looking around, my eyes met one of the contestants (Cade- @kitty4322) I bit my lip lightly and made a mental checkmark in my head. I am a surgeon, so I always make mental notes. I’m the best at what I do. I plan everything out in my head. But sometimes, surgeons can’t plan everything, so we use our best judgement. I smirked as I looked away and moved to another. (Mark-@boujee ) He had great hair. I smirked at him, then moved along to another. But I was stopped when I saw a prosthetic leg. Cool… I immediately grinned. I had done some of those during my residency. I found things like that attractive for some reason. (Brooks - @Madilnel ) Maybe because of my job. I wondered how it happened. My eyes then trailed up his body to his face. He was hot, he might even be at the top of my list. I licked my lips and pushed my sunglasses up onto the top of my head. I didn’t have time to look at anyone any more, so i went to see who I was sharing a bed with. I saw the guy I was looking at earlier, but decided to find my bed before I speak to him. I’m rooming with a guy named Jackson? (Jackson- @Summer41 mentioned.) I shrugged and laid my bags down onto the 10th bed and let out a sigh. I then turned around to see if i could speak to that guy, but he left. I furrowed my brows and walked out of the room, looking to see if anyone else was here. The room was filling up and I looked around to see if anyone was alone. I turned around and immediately bumped into a tall figure. My eyes widened and a little smirk appeared onto my face as I took a step back to examine who I bumped into. Ah, him. I put my hand out for a hand shake and chuckled lightly. “Dani, Dani Wright. What about you?” I asked.


Kian Huntley

Standing in front of the door and fixing his hair before walking in a lot of things went through his mind. I wonder if this will be as good as I think it will. Will girl be they way I expect them to be.

Finally opening the door he slowly walked in scanning the whole house and not really paying attention to people that were in there. Kitchen is nice, everything is nice. Stepping in the bedroom he was curious to if they were already signed a bed and who he would sleep with. With his hands in his pockets he walked around the bedroom searching for his name when he finally noticed it. Fee? Nice name, he thought with a chuckle as he left the bedroom and went to the room where everyone was.
His eyes immediately fell on this curly haired girl with bright eyes. Damn. Definitely as I thought it would be like.

@kitty4322 Valentina mentioned
@Cocowriter13 Fee mentioned




Anne jumped slightly, turning abruptly. She didn’t expect someone to talk to her so quickly. She thought that she would be the first to take the initiative… which would hardly be easy for her… at least at the beginning.

“Hey!” She replied, smiling broadly at the girl dressed in an ethereal white dress. It was very sweet that the girl from so many people who were in this room, came to her.

”My name is Anne.” She reached her hand towards her. She wasn’t sure if this form of greeting wouldn’t be too official. Therefore, she looked more and more uncertainly at the girl.

“I’m sorry, that it might be a bit official.” She commented on her behavior, as she used to do… and if that wasn’t enough, she apologized to her, which Anne did quite often… sometimes too often. She laughed softly and shook her head.

“Anyway… maybe you know where our bedrooms are located?” She asked, slightly looking away from Valentina for a few seconds.



Andrea Carson
She turned as she heard a voice talking to her, itwas a guy, she chuckled and walked over to the curly haired guy sitting on the side handle of the couch “It’s amazing” she said and slightly smiled “Andrea” she introduced herself and put her hand forward for a shake


Carly Baker

Carly looked around her in awe. Fiji was beautiful, and the house was awesome. This was going to be how she would finally find someone she could love forever. There were so many cute guys, and cute girls. She just wondered who of them was the right person for her. Carly stopped by the bedroom, seeing that she was going to have to share a bed with a girl named Samantha. Walking out of the bedroom she saw a girl that seemed pretty cute. Carly walked up to her with a smile. “Hey there, I’m Carly. What’s your name?”


Without the bag

@Rose.M - Samantha


Leilani Jordon

Leilani still couldn’t believe her friends signed her up, Invasion of privacy much… Putting on shades, that possibly compliment her outfit. Remind me why I still came? Leilani rolled her eyes, and walked into the building, maybe it was worth it? Hawaii was definitely the place for relaxation, if only she could live here.
But she had loads of weight of her shoulders, and she hoped her ‘true love’ would push them off. Leilani went to bed 4she was sharing a bed with a person called Roxanne…?Might as well get comfortable, she looked around the place. Dang, the place was literally beautiful, she didn’t expect anything better.

Passing the bedrooms, on her way to see Room 4. She felt something hard hit her, please don’t, please don’t, please don’t, please don’t show that I bumped into somebody, She looked up, Well Fuck. She quickly said, ‘‘My bad, I’m sorry.’’ She ended with a tiny sigh, with one hand on her forehead.

APPROACHABLE -> Ajax Miller (@Aesthetic)


I was just walking around, minding my own business when I noticed a woman just turn around and walk into me. “Wow, you know, with how suddenly you turned around, I would have never known that you would have bumped into me.” I said sarcastically, then noticed her stick out her hand. I put my hand out in front of me as well and shook her hand firmly, then pulled away. ”Dani. Dani Wright. What about you?” I took in the woman’s features as she talked. She had really nice blue eyes and was a good height. “Cade Westergen.” I told her, then crossed my arms.


Ajax Miller
I was looking outside of the window with my hands in my pockets as I watched the oceans waves crash rhythmically onto the sand. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, but my efforts to calm myself barely helped because I was soon to be disturbed. I was totally zoned out, when I felt a small figure bump into me. I turned to look at the person who had just pummeled into me with a chuckle, re-actively pulling my hands out of my pockets to steady her. I flashed a pearly white smile at this pretty blonde and raised an eyebrow. “You alright, dear?” I asked, taking my hands off of her waist and putting them down at my sides.


Samantha Lewis
She slightly smiled at the girl that approached her “Im samantha, but my friends call me sam” she said “nice to meet you carly” she said and ran her hand through her hair “want something to drink?” She suggested


Dani Wright
I bit my lip at his comment, because it was something I had not expected. I liked it. “Hmm, you might need a brain to figure that out.” I stated with a bit of my common attitude. He reached his hand out and shook mine, firmly. Nice handshake… His eyes were cold, but intriguing. And his jawline probably got him things. I smirked and pulled my steady hands into my pockets. I didn’t usually like small-talk, but I know that I would probably have to if I wanted to find my match. “So,” I said, licking my lips. “You must be a business man or something of the sort, huh?” I assumed, judging by his clothing, confidence, and handshake he has to be somewhere along those lines.


Fee Jakkle
I took a deep breath, looking around the others. They were all so happy and excited, and I felt myself being lifted up to. A smile grew on my face, until it sat there naturally. I really was excited. I want someone by my side for the future, and this is the best place to find them. I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear, looking around. this place is truly beautiful. Flattening a crinkle out of my clothes, I wheeled over, looking for someone to talk to. Looking around, I saw a lot of people. A few caught my eye, but I didn’t want to interrupt them and cast a bad impression yet.


(minus the bag)