Aren’t you guys scared of “read for read” ‘s? Read below


Idk, I want somebody loyal who actually enjoys reading my story, I feel like read for reads don’t really help. I mean, yeah, it helps with getting your story views up, but honestly, I never understood why there are read for reads.
Most of the time they’ll read the first 3 episodes and stop reading . It’s kinda like being forced to read a story because you made a deal with someone…


Hm…on one hand that’s true. On the other hand, you can gain author fans and allies pretty well this way. And they can become very loyal fans and appreciative of your story as well. Plus, I also give feedback when doing read4reads, so depending on the people you exchange reads with, it can be way more beneficial than just getting 3 reads out of it.


thanks for letting me know your point of view. I never thought about it like that, lol, bc it’s kinda like a “sub for sub” on youtube where people subscribe to you & you subscribe back but they don’t watch your videos. if that makes sense :joy::joy:


Read for reads definitely aren’t the best way to get readers. They can be good when you’re first getting started and if you’re lucky, those read-for-reads will turn into genuine readers who will continue reading your story and even share screenshots on social media!
Doing too many read-for-reads where no one continues past episode three could probably also impact your reader retention.
I do think reviews-for-reviews are better because then you’re at least getting genuine feedback.


ah! totally!


I guess read for reads are good because it’s at least chance to get your story off the ground, and you just have to hope that someone who reads it likes it enough to stick with it or even promote it. Plus, at least having a post in the forums with your story’s name/link/etc. gets it’s name out there.


I see where you’re coming from, thank you for your response


I don’t believe in read for reads because many people just say, but don’t actually read your story. It is also really hard to gain genuine readers that way since even if they do read your story, it’s not because they are interested in it. I, for example, only write comedies, and I can do R4R with someone who loves and writes horror, but there is not too much chance we will be fans of each other’s work.


True and you would know they didn’t when it doesn’t add up in reads. So it’s kinda obvious when they don’t
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If I hadn’t done read for reviews a year ago, I never would have made my friends! :heart:️ And that makes me sad to think that I could be without them right now if some of us hadn’t all decided to read and review for each other because I love these ladies!

Read for Reviews are better than Read for Reads because it opens up dialogue and helps improve stories to where people read past ch 3 because they want to.


Read for reads is bad and good at the same time…how its bad because if you made a deal and you read the first episode and you didnt like it you will feel like wasting passes but because of the deal maybe you will continue reading another 2 or 3 episodes and how its good if you made this deal and you read the first episode you may feel somehow attracted because the directing and everything is good so you feel excited alittle bit to read the second and as you read you feel more attracted to it and then you become one of the big fans and loyal readers
Makes sense :smile:


I totally agree with you, I literally hate read for reads. And I don’t really feel like they help your story, either. But, in a weird way, I still feel like I’m forced to do them. I want people to read my story because they’re interested…not because we’ve made a deal to read each other’s story. Read for reads are not genuine to me. And if you do get loyal reader, it’s always just a few people. I feel the majority of people never stick around. I’ve been struggling, to get people to read my story…and I feel like…why do I have beg people to read something, I’ve put my heart and soul into? It kinda makes me sad…I just wish everyone had an equal chance. I do, sometimes feel like episode, is a popularity competition.


First ever read for read I agreed to do was for my first story when I had 0 reads. She didn’t even read mine and pretended like she did, so I’ve refused to do read for reads since then🙂


LOL I’m writing my first story and Im working on the directing super hard not to be like some authors who make an excuse for their short bad directing issues so thats why I wont do reads for reads just like those authors i talked about (SOME Authors)


I remember writing my first story, and trying to promote with read4read. When, doing it again with the next two. I became frustrated and cancelled the rest of my story. Thank you for the forum, it allows me to vent, look at what others authors go through, and realize it’s not only me.


That’s true, I thought about doing the read for read thing, but for me I don’t want to read someones story if it’s inappropriate and something I’m not comfortable reading. I would hate to be caught in a situation like that so I would rather not engage in it.


Hey, I’m a new writer on Episode and I’ve been doing a lot of read for reads, basically just to try and get my story off the ground/noticed and to start conversations with people even if they don’t then become avid readers of my story, we may become friends. I’m genuinely curious - wondering how everyone here who has said they hate read for reads and don’t do them gets their stories noticed? Because honestly they’re not my favourite thing because I sometimes end up stuck reading stories that don’t interest me but I still value them because they enable you to make friends, start communicating with other writers and get your story name around so at least it exists within the community. I admit my story only has very few views and I have no idea if any of these readers will stick around for Chapter 4, but I would have even fewer (barely any in fact) if I hadn’t done read for reads.


Wow! I’m so sorry that happened to you. How do you get people to read your stories, then? I feel like I’ve tried everything, And I hate read for reads too much, to keep asking for them. How can you attract people to your story, without all the extra nonsense?


I don’t do read for reads, and my story (ies) has gotten noticed pretty well. I update regularly, so I keep my fans as if you don’t publish for like months, you are going to lose fans. But I don’t publish so frequently because I want my episodes to be worth reading, and have little mistakes.


I’m not a fan of R4R. I see a lot of people on the forums say it hurts your reader retention so that’s reason number 1.

But as a reader, I like the process of finding hidden gems on my own. It makes it more special and I feel like I have a better connection to the story if it’s a lesser known story that took my ages to discover on the app. So then as an author, I want people to do the same for me. I’d like them to choose to read my story and choose to stick with it because they liked it. Not because they feel cornered into it.

Usually, I’ll post the link of a new story on a sharing thread and see what happens. If someone comments under for a read for read, I’ll have a look at their story but won’t reply saying I will because I don’t want it to feel like a burden.