ARGHHHHHH! my characters wont show up properly

Hey guys! this keeps happening to me:

I want them to be seperate, but they keep showing up in a line. I wanted you to see the characters seperated, and then have it move across all the zones so you can see the characters.

Click Show Helpers then click Spot Directing then then move them how ever you want and then scroll down a tad and Copy Stage



thanks. I was able to move my characters, but not shrink them.

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Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 5.10.55 PM
use these buttons on the side

the top button is for scaling and moving

you can also place them in the correct layers and everything

the only issue is that you have to change them all to &

and what i do is copy the stage and put them in a Word doc highlight thee “@” and then click crtl + F 2x and it should show you an auto replace thingy

the reason why i do it in word and not in the portal is so I know I am only changing that code and not the rest of the code in my script

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