✨ Arielle’s Art Shop ✨ (OPEN)

Thanks!! and I can sort out all of the writing and backgrounds and stuff :blob_hearts:


Hey all your works are amazingggg, keep goinggg :woman_juggling:t3::heavy_heart_exclamation:
Here, I’ve a request :sneezing_face::pleading_face:!! :

  • I want this as a gift, so I didn’t know which category to choose :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:!
  1. BG : transparent.
  2. Theme : Retro 90s ( just an idea, i’ve no problem with any theme you’d like to follow :relaxed:! )
  3. Char. Deets :

Zen’s deets :

Body Type : female athletic
Skintone : neutral 02
Eyebrows : natural arched, dark brown
Hair :Long Half Up Ponytail Hair , blue black
Eyes : deepset almond, blue aqua
Face : diamond
Nose : round button
Lips : full wide, warm pink matte

Naz’s deets :

BodyType : Female Athletic Body
Skintone : Neutral 02
Eyebrows : Arched Natural, Chestnut brown
Hair : Medium Straight Down, Chestnut brown
Eyes : Deepset Downturned, Brown dark
Face : Heart soft
Nose : Defined Natural
Lips : Full Heart Pouty, Pink warm matte

  1. PW : I have read all the rules :sparkling_heart:
  2. Other Particulars :

For Hazel :

Screenshot (224)

Change the hairstyle to - Long Wavy Blowout

For Zen :

Screenshot (228)

For Naz :

Screenshot (232)

Pose Reference

Left Girl (black tee) : Zen
Middle Girl (knot shirt) : Hazel
Right Girl (white tee) : Naz

  1. ArtStyle : Drawn :))
  2. Artist I prefer : @Katyqoa ( I read that you have another requests atm, but i’ve no hurry getting them I’ll still wait even if you take a month or 2 to get it done :heart:! Just Take your tym & focus on urself too :pleading_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )
  • I know i’m asking for too much, so let me know if you’re uncomfortable to do it, i’ve a solo character request too I’d like you to do that if this request is denied by you :relaxed::heart:!

Hi! Sounds great, I’d love to draw it! It might take a little while as I have 3 commissions now. I’ll message you if I need anything if that’s ok with you!


Ouuu yesss Thank you :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!! Take your tym :relaxed::white_heart:!


Hi, just to let everyone know @/Katyqoa is leaving this shop to start doing commissions on Instagram! So if you want to have some of her art, you can head to her Instagram page :))

However, to everyone who has requested from her up until now, you will still get your artwork for free so don’t worry :))

Thanks everyone! And good luck @Katyqoa!!!



Hi @sim_epi I don’t want to rush you or be rude, but have you started creating character card yet?

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I have! (: I’ll try to finish as soon as possible! :blush:

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No it’s ok, you don’t have to finish as soon as possible, you should take your time because I’m not in a rush or anything.

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hey i need a few character card if you’re still open

  1. Who you want to do it
    Arielle, if you want to do it ? other thant that, i don’t mind
  2. Ink/LL
  3. Your character details
    Body: athletic (Neutral 3)
    Brows: arched natural scar (dark brown)
    Hair: Long braided (dark brown)
    Eyes: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye (Green emerald)
    Face: diamond defined contour
    Nose: Grecian Soft
    Lips:Full Round Pouty (rose gloss)
  4. What background you want or if you want us to choose, what theme/ aesthetic you want
    This is her asthetic but you can choose the background

5. What outfit you want
![london rockstar 2 outfit complete|453x500](upload://rEqVbobzen1qdJhO
Password (blurred) I have read all the rules :sparkling_heart:

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Of course, I’ll start it now! But I don’t think the outfit uploaded properly :sweat_smile:


here’s the outfit:


Okay, thanks :blob_hearts:

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Sorry for asking so many questions :sweat_smile: but what pose do you want your character to be doing?

a singing pose thx


Hi, I’ve finished you character card, hope you like it!!

Let me know if you want anything changed :))


thank you so much!!! its perfect


Hi again, does saying “bump” and “support” help this art shop?

I mean saying bump means it will be here:


Because it will have the most recent reply in the category, so it means hopefully more people will see the art shop, so all the help is appreciated!! :))


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Hi! I finished the sketch, do you have and suggestions or changes?