✨ Arielle’s Art Shop ✨ (OPEN)

  1. Who you want to do it : @M_H_C_Episode

  2. What you want it to say : THE TIME MACHINE

  3. What font and colour is it in : Color theme blue
    Example of the font: images

  4. Anything else : Nope

  5. Password : I have read all the rules :sparkling_heart:

I am looking for someone who can make a edited cover for me for free if possibly .


Hey! I would like to request for a character card please!

Request form
  1. Who you want to do it: @sim_epi

  2. LL

  3. My Name: Uwastasia
    Body: Female Generic Body (Copper 09)
    Eyebrowns: Arched Thick Styled (Black Dark)
    Hair: Short Wavy Asymmetrical (Black Dark)
    Eyes: Angular Slender (Brown Black)
    Face: Heart Soft
    Nose: Defined Natural
    Mouth: Full Round Pouty (Pulm Gloss)

  4. background: :point_down:t5:]

  5. outfit: :point_down:t5:

  6. Password: I have read all the rules :sparkling_heart:

  7. theme/aesthetic: Cute but rebel-ish

  8. pose: flirt_shy_pose

  9. If there could be like white hearts around the upper body of my character.

Heart example

Thank you!

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Hi! omg i’m so sorry I have been kind of inactive on the forums recently :(( I would still love to make your character card if you still need it! :blob_hearts:

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Is fine! Thank you so much though for replying yes I still need it but that was the details. :grin: :heart:

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alright thanks I’ll start working on it! (:

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Thank you so much!!

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