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Hey can I can request a custom pose or would it be overlay (idk, I would really like a family photo that I can use in my story) @sim_epi

  1. Character details
De Luca family

Audenzia is 18, Hazel is 5, mom is 36 and dad is 38

  1. Aesthetic/theme beach sunset
  2. What background you want beach related
  3. Anything else you wanted Could you add a photo frame to it, like if it were on a nightstand?
    Photo Reference
  4. Password SPOTLIGHT
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Request Accepted! :blob_hearts: I’ll get working on it! :relaxed:

Hey @Ryder14! I have finished your request! (I hope this is what you wanted! ) Let me know if you want any changes! :blob_hearts:

De Luca Family - Photo Frame Right
De Luca Family - Photo Frame Left

Also let me know if the images are not transparent!

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It’s perfect :heart_eyes::sob:. Thank you so much I really appreciate it :heartpulse:.

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Character details



Miracles is on her card

Aesthetic/theme goofy,family,loving
What background you want umm grassy like a park or something
Anything else you wanted

Could you put it in a polaroid for like a photo album
Password (blurred please) SPOTLIGHT

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No problem! Glad you like it! :blob_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Request Accepted! I’ll start working on it! :relaxed:

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Thank you :purple_heart:

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Hey @tre.episodes ! I have finished you request! :blob_hearts:

Feel free to let me know if you want any changes!

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Thank you so much :purple_heart:

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You’re welcome! :blob_hearts: Glad you like it! (:

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Hey I’d love to request another custom overlay if possible @sim_epi

  1. Character details
Young Audenzia

Body - Generic body in Neutral 5
Brows - Arched Natural in Black dark
Hair - Straight Medium in Black Dark
Eyes - Female Generic in Hazel Dark
Face - Diamond
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Full Round Pouty in Rose Medium Nude Gloss
Her outfit:

Sarnai (grandma from moms side)

Body - Generic body in Neutral 4
Brows - Round Thin High in Black Dark
Hair - Layered Wavy Bob in Black Dark
Eyes - Deepset False Lashes Smokey Eye in Green Emerald
Face - Heart Mature
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips - Medium Downturned Pout in Rose Medium Nude Matte
Her outfit:

  1. Aesthetic Memory with grandma in Greece, theme happy, joyful, relaxed, and loving (flashback)
  2. What background do you want
  3. Anything else you wanted
    Reference photos

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Request Accepted! :blob_hearts: Thank you for requesting! (:

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Hey @Ryder14!

I have completed your request! Please let me know if you want any changes! :blob_hearts:

Open me!

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Thank you so much, literally looks perfect 🤌🏽🥰.

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Aw no problem! :blob_hearts: I’m really happy you liked it! :relaxed:

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Hi, I’d like to request one text overlay! But, I would like it to be placed on a splash of color in purple since it’ll be one outro with instagram handle.

  1. Who you want to do it - Anyone who is availabe for text overlays!
  2. What you want it to say - Follow me on Instagram for Sneak peeks and Updates!
    @written.bykm (my @ handle would be placed underneath the first one :point_up: )
  3. What font and colour is it in - splash color purple and text in white, font is what would be suitable.
  4. Anything else - no
  5. Password SPOTLIGHT

Hey @KM90! If you still need a splash/text overlay I think @M_H_C_Episode does them if she’s available ofc!

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& thank u @sim_epi for the recommendation/tag (:

Yep, @KM90 = I can do that for u if you’d like (:

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