Arm overlay needed!

I’m in need of a arm overlay.
Screenshot 2020-08-08 at 5.27.48 PM
I’ll need an overlay of his right arm (from current view) only from his elbow down to his hand, without it being ‘hidden’ under his other arm. Like his arm is resting on someones back. I really hope this made sense, and i’d really appreciate the help! If wanted, credit will be given!

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Hey there do you mean a custom arm overlay?:blush:

Yes, sorry , i should have specified. There are no current emotions for the character making his arm the way i’d like

Do you mean you want it to make transparent? if not i don’t get it hihi sorry!:v:t2::heart:

No, i’d want his lower arm to be an overlay, something similar to this one in INK:
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Except that with this one, his whole arm is an overlay, and i would only need the part from his elbow down to his hand. Like he’s holding someone, and that the overlay fit with the ‘arms_crossed’ behaviors.

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Oh i get it!:heart::smile: will finish it!

Also Can You Give your Character Skintone?

Rose 05, and he’s got the full body tribal skull lace ink black tattoos :blush:

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