"Arm overlay scenes" according to readers' CC skintone

I’ve seen stories where an author would ask what skintone would be closest to match so-and-so CC character.

So to implement it in scenes, how would you go on about it?

For example, let’s say that 2 of the skin options was “Light” and “Dark”.

The arm overlay scenes where the love interest/MC is hugging someone, how would it be implemented in the script…?

I assume the first part you’d have to use gains. But then how would the script look like afterwards?

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What are you trying to describe here though?

Basically, let’s say the reader’s choice for the love interest’s skin tone is “Tan”.

So if they select tan, I would want the characters to have the “tan” limb overlays that look like they’re embracing the MC.

I think the first step would be putting a “gain” after the reader chooses their desired skin tone. But then afterwards, how would the script look like? Would we use the else/if/ whatever script or how would the script look like?

Yes you would you if/elif/else.

No you can’t use gains if you are gonna use them with a CC template you could either duplicate the character or use a point system

no you would use if/elif/else

If you want it to use gains in a CC template then the reader will just gain every gain so then when you use if/elif/else it will just put something random

ohh, i guess it depends on the template you’re using/if you want to give them a second chance to choose it

Yes that is the one I was taking about @Apes thank you! :blush:

Yeah if you are using a CC template then it will get mess up

Actually, the other way I was rather thinking about is that this one author gave a choice to their readers.

“Choose the closest skin tone that matches so-and-so.”

  1. choice 1
    “are you sure”
  2. choice 2
    “are you sure”
  3. choice 3
    “are you sure”
    Like basically coded as a basic question, but then use gains inside.

It’s not within the CC template I was referring to, if that makes sense? I’d figure as much that it’d mess up if people kept pressing random choices.

Also i’ve heard of the “become” command but never understood it! Is there another thread discussing it?


@CHARACTER becomes female avatar
@CHARACTER becomes male avatar

Is this what you talking about?

How do you even make an arm overlay?

I know how but anyone who can do it?

I can try making one for you but first I need like a character arm that you need :grin:

Yeah, I meant like how does that work and when to use it?
It’s one of the things that I haven’t seen many guides about…
I’ll try using the methods above listed to perhaps try!

You can either give an option when you let the reader customize or just type in that