Arrow clothing game & Hair & Lip Customization

I need multiple labels for the arrow clothing game and hair lip customization bcuz episode wont let me put the same label 2 times in one episode. CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT?? :frowning:

You can’t have duplicate labels :face_holding_back_tears:. I’d recommend just changing on the labels so it works and make sure the goto’s match as well

could you make one for me for lip & hair customization & one for arrow closet game :sob:

i unfortunatley dont know how to do what u said

What I usually do if I add hair/lipstick again in the same episode, I just change the label by adding _2 into the label and the goto label

So for example

As for the arrow game, I don’t know much for using gains :face_holding_back_tears:. I do the very simple outfit choices

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id have to change every single goto in the script and thats very confusing for me- do u know a simple way of doing it? :frowning:

Sadly no, if you want to use the same template again… you have to change the labels like I said it’s the only way :confused:


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how would i do that with the simple arrows dressing game?

You can manually add 2 at the end of every label and goto in that template. There’s not that many and the template isn’t that big so it’s easy enough to do

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