Art advice and help

Does anyone have any advice or videos i can watch about painting teeth
I can usually figure it out but it occurred to me that teeth arent white, but are the blue grey? Green grey?
How do I make them glossy
Cuz teeth have saliva and stuff on them so they must be glossy right???

Im stumped…


Excuse the rough work… But here is an example (using your image to work from)

Firstly, I darkened the gums and inner mouth to make the teeth pop. Then I altered the shade you’d used for her teeth, making it a lilac purple… think ultraviolet lighting, how white teeth reflect blue purple. Then adjusting gums again to brighten the surrounding pigment.
After that I added a darker lilac to the base of the teeth which is where the enamel is thinner, working up the teeth roughly with a lighter lilac to have a base tone for the majority shade. After that adding a dusky rose tint to the tops of the teeth where they join the gum, for shading. Then add highlight in white along the side of each tooth until it looks right.

I added a base colour to the lips to let you see roughly what it will look like when done. And then adding gloss to the inner mouth/tongue when you’re done will make the teeth highlights pop too adding to the wet look.


Youre genius😱
And a lifesaver

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:joy::joy: No problem.

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