~ART ADVICE~ Post your art get advice!


This is just a page for whoever wants to post whatever art they are working on and get honest advice on it! Give others feedback while you are posting your art!

Here is my most recent-



I love these! my advice would probably be to work on the shading and eyes of your drawings. Your Art is great and practice makes it even better.


You know what, let’s do this. :joy:


Thanks I like yours too but maybe make the lines smaller?


I love these! personally my favorite is either the last one or the girl singing. I would work on making sure the background fits the style of the drawing possibly the shading as well. Still I Love these!


Okay, thank you!

The awkward girl one was for Inktober, the theme was Chicken and I chose to interpret it like this: Don’t be a chicken! Just go in.
And yeah, I’m working on the shading. Thanks a lot though! :heart:


I recently started to make arts,now its all Im doing :smiley: Maybe you can tell where could I improve


I reallllllllly like the first one! I would focus on the faces more so than the body. Your bodies are absolutley wonderful. Your faces are great as well but they need more attention.


I agree. Kinda struggling with face features


practice makes perfect!



Iv seen your art ALL over the forums and I think its great! I would probably try to draw out clothing patterns but other than that i love this


Thank you :revolving_hearts:


I guess I’ll share this…
Pfp for @Turtle_Cat


I know, my proportions are kind of wacky, but what’s something besides that that I can improve for future pieces?


I love thisss


Thanks :blush:


Recently :persevere:


This is great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: