~ART ADVICE~ Post your art get advice!


I don’t see anything wrong with your proportions. I would work on smoothing your drawing and staying away from harsher lines.


My advice for you is that
Hair isn’t one solid color, there are different colored strokes, highlights, and shadows I would recommend working on that


I like this but I would try to draw out the faces as well. If only the body is drawn the picture has an odd feel to it.


It’s lovely overall though, nice job!


I was kind of going for a cartoon hard style with that one, but thank you!


Could I have advice on this art scene? (It’s the most recent one I’ve done.)


Thnkss for the advice


Thanks for the feedback


I’m going to repeat some advice @Dahlia_Blossom gave me for hair,
Don’t use plain white and an airbrush for highlights Hair isn’t like that, maybe instead, take a darker version of you hair color and find some smaller places to add the highlights
Also, it looks great, but I would pay attention more to the face shading.


Nice job!


I think you did a good job with the proportions and perspective of the characters! :smile:
One thing I’d recommend is consistent shading throughout the piece, since it would make more sense to shade/highlight the entirety of the image rather than just the hair and face.
Searching “hair lighting reference” images or just lighting references can also help a lot and give you a better idea on where light hits and what should and shouldn’t be highlighted.

Other than that I think you did great!


(Just colored)
(one of the first I ever did. )

(Another first ones I did.)


Woah! I really like this piece. I can tell you have a distinct style and I love how your overall piece has clean lines and looks well put together. I also like your shading. The off putting thing is the hand, which should be bigger so that it looks more forward than the body.

A thing I like to do when drawing pieces where certain limbs are more forward than the body is just drawing it on an entirely different group of layers separate from the rest of the drawings. Then when I finish drawing it I use transforming tools to adjust the size to see what fits best.

I’m really digging your work! :smile: I’m also wondering what programs/apps you use to draw?


Hi! I use IbisPaint X. I’m not really allowed to buy any digital art apps that cost money so I just use that, and it’s a pretty decent app! And thank you for the advice! I will definitely look into that more!




Can I ask for an art opinion-- based on a cover my friend made for me? :slight_smile: I like to have other people’s opinion other than mine before I post my story :joy:


Yah of course!