Art and backgrounds



I’m working on a story and i need backgrounds and a cover art.
Can someone help me witch this?
xxx margaux


If u want a cover I could help.


That would be great thank you! ! can you make a cover of this photo with the title oo shit you can do with it what you want just make better I would say surprise me! xx
I will sent the photo to your e-mail.


Im here to support my bestie @Kalizzza were in Episode harmony


Heres our fam thread link btw

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U should delete that and pm me instead becUse

  1. This is public unless u want ur email for everyone to see

  2. I prefer pm


I know I wa just waiting a few seconds before I delete it so you could see.


Ok sorry but I don’t email people sorry That’s a personal thing a prefer not to do. I can still help through here or pm but I don’t email sorry


I know it sounds stupid but what is pm ha


Private message. Click my profile picture then click message and message me