Art and design creator 🖼

I’m new to everything on here and beginning my art portfolio. I’m happy to create scenes, read covers etc. Please feel free to follow my insta: llb.artdesign

No more free requests due to high demand❌


Do you do art scenes by any chance?

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Hey do you create large covers?

Of course, if you’d like the send me all the details and size :slight_smile:

I do yes, any size if you could just provide me with the correct size :slight_smile:

Is it alright if i DM you on insta with details?

Of course.

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If you could do like my OC like on the back of a dragon like really excited but holding on to the back of the dragon if that’s possible and also there’s like a forest in the background. :smiley:

  • If you cant do it it’s ok :kissing_smiling_eyes:
  • if you need anything you can PM me
  • for example some dragons things because I do
  • if you do draw a dragon then can it be blue or red


  • dragons example

-i will also credit you in my story and link your insta since I mines banned at the moment

Dm sent! my instagram is blue.hair_episode btw <3

Are you still doing request?

Can you do an art scene for me? If you’re not busy.

I would love to DM you details for my upcoming story love <3 Credit will be given in every episode as they will be main covers :slight_smile:

Hello! I love ur style:) it’s so realistic :raised_hands:
By any chance are you still taking requests?

I love your art Not gonna lie and same are you by any chance still taking request girl but I hope you have great day hope to hear back​:blush::face_with_hand_over_mouth::heart:

this is my character

she has dirty blond hair and light brown brows here is also a unclose feel free to do whatever you won’t


Hi there!
If you have the ability to make an art scene for me, please let me know and I’ll send the details over.
You’re incredibly talented and I love the example you have!