Art and edit requests?




If anyone would like some cover art for their story I’m open to requests :heart:️ Xx INK ONLY sorry

Also check out my story - ‘Her story’ :slight_smile:

This is an edit I did of Ryder Law from My psycho. If you like it and want one done for your story, reply with a pic of your character or characters (max 2) and give me info such as their personality so I can interpret that into the edit, also tell me the kind of background you would like and any other details xx


That is so amazing!!!


I want an art scene.


here is my character

he’s a bad boy but also really sweet and flirtatious. Can I have this background?

Can he be winking and smirking?


Wow :clap:


Omg!!! That is amazing


I would like one!!! Can u do it of this character:

With a gray brick background


hi! I was wondering if you could make me an outro for my story?? I would really appreciate it!
Here are her details;

And for the background, can it be a school? (Outside of a school) and for an extra detail, can she have freckles?
Tysm in advance, your art is amazing!!:heart_eyes:


That’s really cool! I’ll totally follow you! :smiley:


Add me on Instagram for more episode.mollyy xx


Will do it for you dm me on insta so we can talk xx


Can I dm you on insta for an edit?


Ok dm me on insta just in case your message gets lost xx


Yes xx


Thankyou! :heart:


Glad to have you on episode harmony your so asazibbg


I want one too!!


Mmm hi girl just wondering can u send me ur character cause u know I love sooo much ur story and I would love to u a cover here’s one of my drawn pic

can u ?


I don’t have insta. I’ll dm u privately here


This is A-MA-ZING. It looks great! I will totally read your story now! For my picture, it should be inside a palace and sparkles should be flying around her because she just finds out that she is a fairy and receives her wings. So magic would be great. Thank you so much for doing this!