Art BackGround Needed!



I am searching for someone who can create a digitalized art scene for the cover of my upcoming story, “Opposites Attract”. Here’s the description:

My MC (the girl below) will have a negative sign, “-”, on her shirt. She’ll be holding hands with the boy below her. He will have a positive sign, “+”, on his shirt. I’d like for them to look directly into each other’s eyes. I’d like a background similar to one of the very last two pictures. If you can do this please dm me or comment below asap. I’d like for it to be at least 420x580,

You will get a shoutout at the end of every episode.
You can put your watermark small on the side of the image.
I appreciate you so much!


Episode diamonds would love to help


@aprill @MadisonW @zoe4564 @ForeverMagic112 @Unique_911 @L.I.W.F @Mya1357 @Teahwalker

Think you guys can help out


Also do you want the character edited

Do you have the character with there pose

When do you need it

What is the author name


I can


I can help out just need to see the poses.


I just need a some help with the looking into eachothers eye thing.


I can




I almost done with the characters


ok cool


can you send me a pic of them and I can do the backround and words and stuff?


I edit them and send you it


K! So I put your name in it? I already have my logo that I put in cover/splashes.


yes and do you know the girl skin color


I think it’s tan




I’m done with the characters


I need some overalys


Uh, I don’t do overlays, but I could try. What overlay do you need?