Art background?


Hey i was wondering if anyone who knows how to make a art background that i can use for 2 of my stories. Credit will be given


Do u mean like an art scene?


Yes but i want to use it as a background


Ok I see I could help if I have what ur looking for


Do u need examples to see?


Yes that would be great please




Yes those are nice i would love your help if you could




What information do you need from me?


Style meaning drawn or edited


What style is this picture?


The picture above is edited


Do you know what pose i can use to wear they are looking at the camera and she pressed against his chest?


I can edit them that way yea


Text : If Only You Knew

Is there a way to make his hands around her hips?

And here is the background


I can make his hands around her hips but can I have him in a slow down pose


Is this good?


@Kalizzza did you need anything else?


If my best friend can’t I be sure to make it for you