Art backgrounds for my new story

Hello guys,
Is anyone interested in doing a large cover art for my story and some backgrounds. It would mean a lot. Firstly, I’d love if you can show me your works first then you can contact me through
My Instagram: Jaira_episodexx
Thank you:smiley:

Oh thanks, @Mimi0829
The list of backgrounds I need are:

  1. This story uses music and sounds, so turn on your volume
  2. Story written by Priscillia aka Jaira, Please include your name as the background creator.
    Thank you again

My story name is Tainted and could I get my main character to be the one on the cover of this story uses sounds and music

I could help out! I can’t do drawn covers but I do edited ones here is an example:

I understand if she has already started


Hey thank you, here are the backgrounds I need from you:
A purple garden
A purple concert
Could you make overlays?

depending on the overlay yes

The overlays:
A ring box
Different purple posters saying:’ We love you Alissa Violet’ and ‘Alissa, you rock’
Expensive jewellery box and some expensive makeup and perfumes

And if you could make some lasers- purple, white and pink :wink:

I could do the ring box, posters, jewelry box, perfume, and lasers but I don’t think I could do the makeup

That’s fine but that just means I need broken glass on the floor

I can’t do shattered glass either you might want to go look at some art shops to see what they have to offer.

Okay no problem but would you do the ones above, please?

I’ll do the purple garden, purple concert, ring box, purple posters saying:’ We love you Alissa Violet’ and ‘Alissa, you rock’, jewelry box, and perfume

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Thank you so much.

I can’t do the posters sorry but here is the rest . . .

Thank you @Amelia, you’re a life saver. What’s your Instagram handle?