Art Class Signups: Learn Or Teach. 🎨

Well hello their yeah its me silly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Anyways welcome fo me and @AlyssaThePretzel [Art Class Signups.] we fully recommend your read everything before makeing any commitments.
Requirements to be a teacher:

  • You must be available every Monday and friday.
  • You must be active.
  • You have to be respectful and kind.
  • You have to know art I am sorry to say it but we are going to look for that (doesn’t mean you cant improve.)
  • Show some examples of your work wether it be edited or drawn ll or ink overlays or splashes.
  • State the type of art you do.
  • State how long you’ve been doing art
  • State why you want to help.

Requirements to be a student.

  • You must be available every monday.
  • You have to be respectful and kind.
  • Show some examples. (If you have any we take beginners and people wanting to learn more.)
  • State what you want to learn one thing to nothing.(we do everything.)
  • State why you want to learn.
  • What style you want to learn.

Signups are here and here only they end August 23rd but classes start on July 31rst 2019.
The classes will be made into a message. :hugs:


Signing up to learn hehe, I pretty much just want to get better so I can include art scenes in my stories without them looking… Well… Pretty crap. Unfortunately I don’t have any examples of my drawing but I do have examples that I coloured, both for outline contests (basically outlines don’t belong to me, but I coloured them)


First outline belongs to @Huntertiraha.Episode and second belongs to @appleqrl

Oh and also I use ibis or Samsung sketch on my tablet, usually with my finger or a stylus (when I can find it) >.>


What style are you trying to learn?


Oh yeah probably best to state that too xD LL preferably since that’s what my story is in, I just haven’t seen any LL outline competitions so both of my examples are ink >.>


Well thanks for joining we will ne sure to tag you. :two_hearts:


Hi! I would like to join.


Okay please just fill out the questions. :hugs:

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Alright please fill out the form of expectations!



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Thanks :slight_smile:


@Sydney_H thanks Sydney. :wink::two_hearts:


Thank you!


I’m very sorry @Cocoa_bean23.

And I would love to teach


I have been editing for like a 4 months maybe more. Im a ink drawing artist, And I want to help people improve their skills, and reach their full potential


Thats fine, but please look over the teachers expectations so you give us every detail about your teachings!


Dont worry about it. :two_hearts: Please just do what @AlyssaThePretzel stated and then I will be sure to tag you when we open.


Okay hii!!
I’d love to become a teacher.
Outside of episode, I only draw animals and eyes (I’m terrible at realistic faces) and I’m still finding my style. I’ve been doing episode art for a while, Idek how long lol.
Also, I wish to help because I know how hard myself it is to find someone to help you do art, to make covers, art scenes, etc. So, I would like to help our students to be able to do their own. <3

Most Recent Examples:
image image


Hot dang. :heart_eyes: Il be surs to tag you when its open.

Sperfect, we will tag you when we start classes!

Yay! Tysm :slight_smile:

yay!! wonderful!

Hey @Cocoa_bean23 should we add themm all to the Art Class PM?

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