Art Class Signups: Learn Or Teach. 🎨

  1. Alright.
    2.Of course!

    NOT MY OUTLINE but I colored it.
    Also not my outline but I colored this too.

  2. I want to learn to shade and highlight better and overall improve on anything possible.

  3. I love to make custom poses, covers and do art overall and make more art in general.

  4. Ink and LL if possible, Ink if only possible.

I would like to be a student!
I haven’t done digital art in a while and am really bad at it… And art in general lol. I’d just like to learn a bit more of everything and how to keep my lines straight and how to do tiny details.

Most recent:

I want to learn because I want to improve, and I find I do that best with other people helping me and encouraging me- lol I’ve had Ibis Paint for like a year now and I’m still a lil confused haha. I haven’t really improved that much over the years but I find I actually improve with people helping me.