Art Collab or Art Trade? anyone… 🎨

Hey I’m just looking for something fun to do, so I just thought in my head, “hey why not just see if anyone wants to make an art collab with you or do an Art Trade”

So here I am now wondering if anyone wants to collab :sparkles:

What I had in mind was where you can make an outline and I color it and do the rest or vice versa.

So if anyone’s interested comment below and I’ll PM you more details about it. :]

Thank You For Your Time 🥸

~ Maya

Why did I write this like if I was sending an email or writing a letter to someone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::sob:

Some Examples


Only Ink or Limelight too ?

I only do ink outlines :sweat_smile: but I can color both lol

Bump :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

your drawings are beautiful!!!

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Thank You so much :heart:

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Hi love, are you still down for an art trade? If so my insta is @creationsfrompaige