Art Collection - calico.episode (Episode Dreams)


I thought I would share some of my recent Art with you all! Please do not use any of this art for your episode stories as they are art pieces I have created for myself, and a few for other people! If you would like any art just let me know :slight_smile:

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t tend to take requests for realistic art such as the one at the top as they take me too long to complete and I wouldn’t be able to help as many people it’s also more of a thing I do for fun instead of “work”! Sorry!

These are awesome
If your available I will request

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cali it’s amazing!! (this is Amani btw)


yes guuuurl <3

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Honestly tho. I love how you put episode dreams on there

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Limited availability at the moment as I’m working on a more challenging request. But will note you down :slight_smile:

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