Art Colony Thread *CLOSED*

Add my examples plus I can do art scenes. :heart::sob:

what’s your episode username? so i can add “written by…”

welp, anyway! here’s the cover without your name on it. once you tell me your author name, i’ll add it!


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my epi username: uwu queen

also it looks great! <3 so excited for the username to be added! thank u :))
really sorry, but can you make her elven nose a little more defined or darkened?


thank youu! you’re an angel <3

As i will be leaving the forum tomorrow, I would like the artists who are working for my splashes, banners, art scenes, pfps etc, to mail the artworks to me privately
Or you can dm me on insta
I will not forget to give credit
If you made my art and gave it to me already, ignore

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*PASSWORD: thanks you, next.

*what are you requesting? Overlay
*character details? None
*poses? None

any images?
which artist? Any artist that is available. No rush. Take your time.

extra notes…
I need these bagels to be on this plate and the plate needs to be flat. U can put another bagel to make it a 3rd bagel. Thanks. Credits will be given.


Password: thank you, next
May I request?


did i forget to give you the finished cover?! :sob:

here it is! sorry for the wait, i actually finished a while ago… i thought i already sent it :sweat_smile:


Click here 👀

lemme know if you want me to make any adjustments! if not, you can credit me @Neptune on Episode :revolving_hearts::sleeping:

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Sure just fill out the form. :heart:

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i’ll add your examples in a few, i need to finish some work and im super busy right now :sweat_smile:

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i can do it :))


your request is complete :bread:
lemme know if you want me to make any changes or if you don’t like it :relieved:
sorry if it’s quite messy. i can fix the lines if you’d like!



you can credit me @Neptune on Episode :llama::star:

if you like the overlay, of course :sweat_smile:

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@Mace_N sorry for the delay! i’m working on your request right now and it should be done in less than a week… maybe tomorrow or the day after :cat:

oh, it’s okay! and thank u <3

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Hi, can I request an overlay? (If you do them)

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Yes, we do! Fill out the form please. :heart:


no problem! i hope you like it! :mouse2:

what are you requesting? I.D Overlay
character details?

Character Details

Skin Color: Honey
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair: Beach Waves
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Blue)
Face Shape: Oval
Nose: Button
Lips: Red Ruby
Top: Black Halter Top
Gold Pendant Necklace
Gold Rising Star Headband

poses? idle_happy
any images? Nope.
which artist? Doesn’t Matter to me
extra notes… Nope.


is it supposed to be drawn? :thinking:

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