Art commission OPEN - Iso’s art🌸

Hello everyone🌻 I’m Iso. I love to do digital art and just started taking commissions! Since I am new to this my prices are starting low. If you need a cover for your story or an art scene or maybe an intro do contact me with your idea and I’ll see what we could do together💕


Prices as of now is:
Portrait 10$
Waist up 15$
Full body 20$

These prices are for 1 character, if you want 3 characters the prices will x3, and so on. I need a in depth description of what you want and some reference photos. Also want to say that the prices can vary depending on what you want, feel free to talk to me about your ideas and I’ll give you a price offer before hand.


I don’t have a lot of rules, so please follow the ones I have:
~ Please give credit❤️ (use my insta @isosartsy)
~ Do not steal or take credit for my artwork
~ Do not remove my watermark
That’s it, simple, respectful and polite behavior😄

I also have an Instagram which is @isosartsy please follow me on there to see more examples and updates. You can also contact me directly there📥 Planning on doing some giveaways eventually so stay tuned on my insta!

Examples of what I do

Here are my examples:

As I said I’m new at this😇 So feel free to ask me if anything is unclear or you are wondering about something!


I don’t need any art but wow your art is so very beautiful very talented!!:heart_eyes::sparkles:


I can’t pay but you are very talented!


Omg thank you! That means so much!!:pleading_face::heart:

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Thank you so much!!:pleading_face: And thanks for the bump!:sparkling_heart::cherry_blossom:

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I can’t pay but this is amazing!

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Thank you so much!!:sparkling_heart:

Wow, your art is stunning! I cannot pay at the moment but I will deffo bookmark you for the future! :heart_eyes:

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Omg thank you!!:two_hearts: Would love to work with you one day!

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:blob_hearts: BUMPING THIS FABULOUS THREAD :blob_hearts:

Hi @Iso, are you still going to be taking commissions in September??:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pleading_face::pray:t4: